When a new welder asks a bunch of old timers which welding machine brand is the best, the scene may well be set for quite an argument. Welding professionals can become attached to a particular brand of welder. 

When discussing which brand to choose in an online forum, one welder commented, “Why are some people Ford guys, and others Chevy or Dodge? It amounts to about the same thing.” 

The top brands that are mentioned frequently in welding circles include Lincoln, Miller, ESAB, Thermal Arc, and Hobart.There are welders who have had bad experiences with each brand, but generally speaking, most problems can be avoided by choosing a top name brand. When choosing among supposed equals,  the best choice may be the unit that offers the top features for your particular work. 

At Baker's we offer several top name brands and several lesser known brands that also produce high quality products. You'll find welders by Lincoln, Miller, ESAB, Thermal Arc, and Hobart along with a wide variety of other brand name companies from the welding industry who produce welding products.

If you buy one of these top brands, you most likely save yourself from the problems that will come from the other light weight brands that boast lower prices but offer less reliability and fail to provide a proven track record. Having said that, some welders claim that certain brands offer special features that make them easier to use. Some claim that a particular brand runs smoother or is better suited for a particular application.

Are There Factors Other Than Price and Performance?

One other factor to consider when reviewing which welder brand to purchase is whether you can find a shop that will service the machine in your area if you ever have a problem with it. Since you can order most welding supplies online at Baker's, your main concern will be maintenance and repairs. This shouldn't be a problem for most welders, but if you live in a fairly remote area, check in at your local repair to shop to learn if they'll be able to repair the brand welder you have in mind.

Why Buy a Top Name Brand Welder?

You don't have to search long before you find a cheap welder online that may cause you to doubt the wisdom of buying a top name brand. However, this lower price means that your welder didn't receive the same attention during production as a higher end product such as the welders crafted with precision from Lincoln or Miller. For example, when shopping for a MIG welder, one difference will come with the wire feeder's effectiveness by auto-adjusting to your project or whether your welder has a better motor for the wire feed. 

You can review the top welding brands at Baker's website. Many of our welders come with special offers, promotions, discounts, and sometimes free shipping. 

The current top-selling welder at Bakergas.com is Miller's Multimatic 220 Multiprocess Welder. This is the ideal welder for home projects or small jobs at your shop, though welders from the other top brands listed at Baker's website are sturdy, reliable machines that are worth careful consideration.

Your welder is an important long term investment that can save you a lot of money and add a bit of a side income. Saving a little money on a less reliable brand may not pay off in the long run when you compare such a welder to the performance of the leading welder brands.