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Military & First Responder get an Extra Bonus on Miller Welders - Learn More
Military & First Responders get a Bonus on Miller - Learn More

Baker's 2020 Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals

The best time of the year to stock up on welding equipment is here, and no one does a Black Friday Sale like Baker's Gas & Welding Supplies. Every welder knows that there is no better time to find deep discounts and savings on the top brands, and with our Baker's Bonus and Bundles in the mix, you can save your time and money in one place. Take a look at all of our featured specials here on the site for your chance to take advantage of our best deals of the year.

If you are looking for a new welding machine or helmet, Baker's has you covered with Miller Electric, ESAB, Lincoln Electric and other great brands. You'll find all of the accessories you need like filler wire / rod, helmet lenses, jackets and gloves from the best in the biz like Tillman and Black Stallion. Whether you are just getting started with welding or a veteran, we have a deal that you'll love.‭

So don't wait until the deals have ended, our Black Friday Sale is bound to have something that is exactly what you need for the best price you can find.

Here are Baker's Black Friday Deals by Brand:

Miller Electric

Miller Machine Promotions:

  • Baker's Bonus Additional Savings with purchase + ADDITIONAL Baker's Bucks included on select Miller Machines - GET DEAL
  • Add an EXTRA $10 Baker's Bucks Gift Card in addition to all current Miller Machine Bonuses (Amount earned shown on machine product page) - GET DEAL
  • 50% OFF All MIG Consumables Kits w/ MIG welder purchase - GET DEAL
  • 50% OFF ALL TIG Consumable Kits w/ TIG welder purchase - GET DEAL
  • FREE Covers with all Welder/Generator Units - GET DEAL
  • DISCOUNTED TIG Kits with Multiprocess Units - GET DEAL

Miller Helmet Promotions:

  • FREE Miller Classic Jacket included with your purchase of Digital Elite or Digital Infinity Welding Helmets (choose your size) - GET DEAL
  • DISCOUNTED Baker's Bundles with all Miller Helmets - GET DEAL
  • FREE Helmet Clip with Miller T94i-R PAPR Helmet Purchase - GET DEAL

*Limited time Helmet Rebate available from Miller, 

Miller Safety Gear Promotions:

  • 10% OFF All Miller Safety Gear including Jackets, Gloves, Sleeves, etc. - GET DEAL

Weldcraft TIG:

  • 5% OFF all Weldcraft products with code WELDCRAFT5 - GET DEAL

Smith Equpment:

  • 5% OFF all Smith Equipment with code SMITHSAVE5 - GET DEAL

ESAB Welding Machine Promotions:

  • Baker's Bonus Instant Savings with purchase + ADDITIONAL Baker's Bucks included on select Rebel EMP Units - GET DEAL
  • FREE 2nd Regulator with your Rebel 205ic AC/DC Bundle Purchase! A $234 Value! - GET DEAL
  • EXTRA Baker's Bucks Card with all ESAB Machines. Find the amount listed on the machine's listing page prior to checkout.
  • 50% OFF All MIG Consumable Kits w/ MIG Welder Purchase - GET DEAL
  • 50% OFF All TIG Consumable Kits w/ TIG Welder Purchase - GET DEAL
  • 50% OFF a TIG Foot Pedal with Rebel EMP 215 purchase - GET DEAL
  • Limited Edition Baker's Bundles on the EMP 215 and EMP 235.
  • 50% OFF Consumable Kits with Spool Gun purchase - GET DEAL
  • DISCOUNTED Spool Gun compatible with EMP 215 - GET DEAL
  • Stick Electrode Bundle Pack w/ MiniArc Rogue ES 180i - GET DEAL

ESAB Helmet Promotions:

  • FREE 5 Pack of Outside Lens with ESAB Sentinel A50 Welding Helmets - GET DEAL

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Promotions:

  • FREE G30 Cutting Helmet with any Plasma Cutter purchase - GET DEAL
  • 50% OFF All Consumable Kits with Plasma Cutter purchase
  • 50% OFF Circle Cutting Guide w/ Plasma Cutter purchase
  • 50% OFF Air Filtration Kit w/ Plasma Cutter purchase

Victor Cutting Promotions:

  • FREE Cutting Glasses with all Oxy/Fuel Kits - GET DEAL
  • 5% on all Victor Accessories (excludes torch kits). Use promo code VICTORSAVE

Tweco MIG Promotions:

  • 5% OFF all Tweco Products - Use Promo Code TWECO5
Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric Helmet Promotions:

  • Promo Price $199 for Viking 3350 4C Black Helmet - GET DEAL
  • Promo Price on all Viking 3350 4C Graphic Helmets - GET DEAL
  • Promo Pricing on all Viking 3350 Baker's Bundles

Lincoln Electric Machine Promotions:

  • 50% OFF MIG consumable kits with MIG Machine purchase - GET DEAL
  • 50% OFF TIG consumable kits with TIG Machine purchase - GET DEAL
  • LIMITED EDITION Bundled Garage-Pak Multiprocess Package Promo - GET DEAL
  • FREE Cover with Ranger MPX Generators
  • Baker's Bonus + FREE 5 Pack of Outside Lens on all Panoramaxx - GET DEAL
  • Baker's Bonus + Free Pack of Outside Lens with Crystal 2.0 Purchase - GET DEAL
  • FREE Filters with all PAPR + Helmet package purchases - GET DEAL

*8% OFF All Optrel Helmet Accessories with promo code - OPTREL8 - SHOP NOW

  • FREE Optrel Panoramaxx Quattro Welding Helmet + $25 Baker's Bucks Gift Card included with select Fronius Welding Machines - GET DEAL
  • FREE Miller Performance Black Welding Helmet included with TransSteel 220 and TransPocket Welding Machines - GET DEAL
  • 50% OFF of TransSteel 2200/2700 MIG Consumable Kits w/ Machine Purchase - GET DEAL
  • 7% OFF All Hypertherm Consumables! No order limits. - Use Promo Code PLASMASAVE5 - SHOP NOW
  • FREE Eliminizer Air Filtration Kit with all Powermax 45XP Bundle Purchases - GET DEAL
  • Qualify for VIP Service & Hypertherm Support for 5 years from Baker's when you order a Hypertherm Plasma Cutter during Black Friday. (Details emailed following the purchase) - GET DEAL
  • DISCOUNTED Accessories listed on all machine pages under "Option & Accessories" Tab
  • FREE Limited Edition 10/pk of Slicer Wheels w/ Select 4.5" to 5" Grinder purchases - SHOP NOW
  • FREE Slicer Variety Pack w/ Select 6" Grinder purchase - SHOP NOW
  • FREE Limited Edition Metabo Koozie with any Metabo purchase - SHOP NOW
  • FREE Grinderfest Beer Stein w/ Metabo purchase over $175 - SHOP METABO
    • 15% OFF ALL Tillman Protective Gear! Use Promo Code TILLMAN15 - SHOP NOW
      Black Stallion
      • 15% OFF ALL Black Stallion Products! Use Promo Code - BLACKSTALLION15 - SHOP NOW
      • FREE Black Stallion FR Gaiter with any order of $100 or more
      • FREE Black Stallion Swag Bag with any order of $250 or more
      • LIMITED TIME FR Shirt Bundle - SHOP NOW
      Blue Demon
      • 5% OFF all Blue Demon products with Promo Code - DEMONSAVE - SHOP NOW
      • Limited Time Tungsten + Dab Pen Bundle - SHOP NOW
      CK Worldwide
      • 5% OFF all CK Worldwide products with Promo Code - CKSAVE5 - GET DEAL
      StrongHand Tools
      • Spend $100 or more and get 10% off with promo code STRONGSAVE SHOP NOW

      *Strong Hand Promo excludes Rhino Cart packages. 

      TIG Rod Special:

      • Add 3 Packs of TIG Rod to your cart, and get 10% OFF! No Code Needed! - SHOP NOW



      *Baker's Black Friday Promotion is only valid from 11/18/20 to 11/30/2020.