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Fronius TransTig 230i Water-Cooled Welder - 4904000018

by Fronius

SKU FRO4904000018
Fronius - SKU FRO4904000018

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The TransTig is a completely digitized TIG DC power source. Alongside the different power categories from 80 to 500 A, the devices also vary in their mobility – from the mobile, portable device to the stationary, high-power complete system. However, they all have one thing in common – an extremely robust design for a long service life and an exceptionally self-explanatory operating concept.

Special Functions:

TAC - With TAC, one spot is all it takes for tacking, because the pulsed arc sets the two weld pools in motion, making them jump together in next to no time, to make one single weld-pool. The TAC function is also very useful when welding light-gauge sheets without filler metal.

HF Ignition - The touchless and gentle high-frequency ignition is the easiest option for igniting the arc.

Touchdown Ignition - Touchdown ignition can be used in particular for sensitive application areas. This allows electromagnetic interference, which can occur during HF ignition, to be avoided.


Included with Product

  • 230A DC Welding Power Source

  • Feeder Spaceholder

  • Water-cooler with flow sensor

  • Air-Cooled TIG Torch 26.3 ft

  • 13 ft. Ground Cable

  • Flow Meter with Gas Adapter

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