Miller FILTAIR 215 High-Vacuum Fume Extractor - 301674

By Miller Electric

Miller FILTAIR 215 High-Vacuum Fume Extractor - 301674

By Miller Electric

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Miller FILTAIR 215 is an industrial, high vacuum system designed specifically for welding. Ideal for fabrication and manufacturing environments where versatility is needed, this system provides fume capture at the source using multiple fume guns and attachments simultaneously. Portable extraction attachments maximize flow capacity for efficient multi-use weld fume capture to increase productivity.

Better Performance

215 CFM airflow rating provides effective fume capture with multiple attachments. 

MERV 16 Filter Rating
MERV Rating
Filters are rated on a MERV scale, which measures filter efficiency based on particle count. MERV ratings range from 1-16, with 16 being the best at filtering small particles-such as those found in weld fumes. Captures 95% or more of weld fume. 

Self-Cleaning Filter
Includes a self-cleaning mechanism that releases a strong reverse pulse of air to remove the collected fume off the outside of the filter. The self-cleaning model requires less maintenance and a longer filter life.

Large Rear Wheels
Large rear wheels
Allow for easy movement from one work area to another.

Metal Cabinet Design
Ensures long-lasting durability in a manufacturing environment.

True Multi-Use Performance

Run multiple accessories simultaneously without sacrificing weld fume capture.

Filter Cleaning Gauge
Filter Cleaning Gauge
Indicates when filter needs to be cleaned.

Variable Flow Control
Front-panel mounted air flow adjustment makes it easy to set the proper amount of extraction when using a funnel nozzle, slotted nozzle, or Bernard® fume extraction gun.

Bag-out filter change
Bag-out filter change
Allows used filters to easily be removed from the fume extractor, keeping the particulate secure for a cleaner removal process.

Bernard® Clean Air™ Fume Extraction MIG Guns

Multiple Bernard Guns

Maintain a clean work environment by using multiple Bernard® Clean Air™ guns to extract fumes at the weld bead.

Auto Start/Stop (optional)
Fume extractor remains off until the sensor detects torch activity, maximizing energy savings and extending filter life.

Particulate Disposal Bin
Provides easy and convenient access to empty out collected particulate. Handle releases drawer allowing it to slide out.

    Included with Product

    • FILTAIR 215 High-Vacuum Fume Extractor 460 V
    • 20 A Female Connector
    • 8 ft. fume extraction hose
    • FilTek XL Filter


    Click the image below to view the full specifications sheet

    Filtair 215 Specification Sheet
    Miller FILTAIR 215 High-Vacuum Fume Extractor - 301674

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