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Tips for Selecting the Right Victor Torch Cutting Tip

Tips for Selecting the Right Victor Torch Cutting Tip

A safe flow and mixture of oxygen and gas will make all of the difference in your cutting torch safety, speed, and effectiveness. Whether working with acetylene, propane, propylene, or another alternative fuel, the size and quality of your cutting tip is one of the most  important parts of your setup. 

ESAB Welder Lighting Torch

Victor’s torch tips have a reputation for their durability and effectiveness that make Victor Torch kits ideal for welding shops seeking an effective, budget-friendly way to cut metals of all shapes and sizes. 

How to Choose The Right Torch Cutting Tip

By consulting the Victor cutting tip chart that starts on page 63 of this manual, you can consult a Victor cutting tip chart to set your pressures and to pick the right tip. 

Match your torch type, your cutting fuel, and your material thickness to begin reviewing which tip size is appropriate for your cutting setup. If you’re welding, pre-heating, or gouging, there are charts that lay out which tips are right for your particular process with a cutting torch. 

Torch tip sizes and shapes will also change based on the cutting application. Some torches are longer, shorter, or angled, offering different ways to concentrate the flame while cutting. 

Torch Cutting Tip Chart

What Happens When You Use the Wrong Cutting Tip? 

Backfires, overheating, and poor cuts from insufficient fuel can all sidetrack welders and fabricators if they’ve chosen the wrong torch cutting tips. Too much or too little oxygen and fuel gas mixed into the tip can lead to problems with backfires and overheating fast. 

Effective cutting depends on having the right concentration of heat in the cone, which will change based on the fuel and cutting tip combination. It’s especially important to not mix and match tips with the wrong kinds of fuels--such as using an acetylene tip for propane. 

Welding tips are matched based on the orifice size, while heating tips are matched by the BTU output of the fuel gas being used for the job. Keep track of the material thickness and the fuel supply requirements for the tip so that you don’t add too much or too little heat into the torch. New welders tend to starve the torch of fuel. 

Match Your Torch Tips with a Torch Kit

Of course you can’t do much with just a torch kit by itself, and Baker’s has you covered with a detailed, comprehensive video review of each torch kit offered by Victor, addressing the benefits and best applications for each one. You’ll come away from this review with a much better idea of which torch is the best match for you and your shop. 

Here is the direct link to the video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAbi4ziK9GM

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As of this writing the top torch tips from Victor are steeply discounted at Baker’s Gas and Welding, with many discounted between 40 percent and 50 percent. You can find torch cutting kits discounted up to 45% right now with everything you need to get started and then add in highly discounted torch tips for an effective and affordable torch cutting setup. 

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