Welding Projects

Welding Projects: Weld Your Own Mailbox or Mailbox Stand

Welding Projects: Weld Your Own Mailbox or Mailbox Stand

As you grow in your welding skills, you might find yourself keeping track of all the ways in which you can use your welder to enhance and improve your home, workplace or community. Where before you saw just a few pieces of sheet metal, you now see a potential welding project and what was once a simple mailbox, is now a chance to get creative with metal.

Custom mailbox

One way in which may welders show off their skills is by creating or enhancing their mailboxes and mailbox posts. Custom welded mailboxes are incredibly durable and a great way to express your personality to all who visit your home or driveway. To get your creative juices flowing, our welding pros have gathered a list of 5 mailbox welding project ideas that range from simple to extraordinary. Check it out and ask yourself, how can you customize your mailbox?

A Note About US Postal System Standards

Keep in mind that the US Post Office recommends that mailboxes stand at a height between 41-45 inches for drive up delivery. If you’re creating something truly customized, run the plans by your local postmaster general before you get started. This will ensure that your new box will meet delivery standards and will be both cool to look at and functional for your postal worker.

Basic Mailbox & Flag Welding Project

Creating a basic mailbox is a fantastic welding project for a beginning welder as it is both useful and incredibly versatile. Draw up plans before starting your mailbox project and decide if you want a box with all 90 degree angles or some curved metal pieces. Cut each piece to size and weld in place before adding a hinged door and a flag. Read on for ideas on how you can take your mailbox from basic to custom.

Mailbox Embellishing Welding Projects

The thing about many mailboxes is they’re already metal to begin with, so if you don’t want to create a mailbox from scratch, you can easily embellish one from the local hardware store. This is truly one of the most versatile welding projects imaginable – the only thing stopping you is your own imagination. Add fins and a tail to turn your box into a fish or affix small metal wheels and a base to create a tractor mailbox.

Chain Mailbox Stand Welding Project

One simple way to strengthen your mailbox post and add curb appeal to your home is to create a mailbox stand from sturdy, welded chain. Start by gathering a length of chain proportionate to the height of your mailbox, which will vary depending on how much you plan to curve your chain. Once you have a plan in place, weld each link together as desired and attach to a study base. Spray paint in your desired color to avoid rust.

Get Creative With your Base or Stand

Don’t let your creativity stop at the mailbox, some of the most ingenious mailbox designs stem from a custom-welded look for the base or post. We’ve seen welders use a cow for a mailbox stand as well as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Keep in mind, you don’t have to adhere to a theme to have a custom mailbox, sleek, modern mailboxes with clean lines and plasma cut house numbers are just as good.

Custom Mailboxes for Businesses

Bring in a little extra income on the by creating custom-welded, themed mailboxes for local businesses. Think a fish mailbox for your local tackle shop or a mailbox with a scissors on the top for the salon down the street. The more your work gets out there, the more business you will attract with your custom creations.

Stock Up And Save on Welding Supplies

Before you make plans to pimp out your mailbox or boost your side business, check to ensure your shop or garage is stocked and ready to go including safety gear, clamps and accessories.  Check out our promotions page for all of our current deals.  


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