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What You Need in a Welding Helmet: Lincoln Electric Viking 3350

What You Need in a Welding Helmet: Lincoln Electric Viking 3350

The Viking 3350 Welding Helmet Series offers the following features:

  • View size of 3.74 x 3.34 inches
  • Solar-powered auto-darkening
  • Internal shade controls
  • User replaceable batteries
  • 4 Arc Sensors
  • Continuous 6-13 Internal Shade Control
  • Grind Mode
  • Magnifying ‘cheater lens capability
  • Hard hat adapter capability

The following diagrams offer a thorough explanation of the helmet’s auto-darkening and lens features. The four arc sensors are especially important for preventing eye damage from flashbacks. While two arc sensors may not pick up a flashback if they are obstructed, four sensors provide maximum protection for a welder’s most important asset—good eyesight.

The helmet controls are both accessible and intuitive, ensuring that you always have the best setting in place when you strike an arc.

This versatile helmet is full of features and offers welders a larger viewing area than any other helmet by Lincoln Electric. This is the ideal helmet for a variety of welding processes including stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG, MIG, pulsed MIG, flux-cored applications, gouging, and grinding.

Weighing in at 20 oz., this is a lightweight helmet that delivers heavyweight protection on the job. The wide variety of lens shade options make this the ideal helmet for the professional or hobby welder who wants to stay on task without worrying about helmet settings. This is a versatile helmet that is always the right choice for whatever project you need to accomplish.

Is Auto-Darkening an Important Feature?

When a slight shift of the hand could make or break the quality of your weld, an auto-darkening helmet ensures you’re lined up with the weld joint and stay on target. Shifting one hand up to put a shield down has ruined enough welds that welding professionals have given auto-darkening helmets rave reviews.

When safety and the quality of your work is on the line, an auto-darkening helmet provides all of the essential features you’ll ever need in a helmet.

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