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Try the New Optrel Panoramaxx Welding Helmet

Try the New Optrel Panoramaxx Welding Helmet

Get a wider field of vision and a clearer view of your workspace with the brand new Panoramaxx welding helmet from Optrel. This uniquely designed helmet boasts a field of vision that is six times wider than the competition because of the way it rests above the nose and offers a lighter default shade.

Is this the right helmet for you? Here’s a brief run down with a few key features as well as a link to a video review on the Baker’s Gas and Welding website.


Starting with a Lighter Shade

Every welder who gives the new Panoramaxx a shot can’t help noticing how the helmet offers a clearer and lighter default setting for working around the shop or job site. Starting at a 2.5 shade, you’ll have a better view of your work area.

There’s no risk of being flashed since the Panoramaxx offers a manual shade option that switches it right into a 5-12 shade instantly when an arc strikes. This clarity of vision with the 2.5 default shade can improve work space efficiency, safety, and accuracy.

If you prefer to manually operate your shades, you can switch off the autopilot and go into the manual mode. There’s also a grind button option that resembles the Speedglas welding helmets.

A Comparable Clarity Setting for Welding

Speaking of clarity, the 2.5 shade setting is also the reason for the clarity setting. The “2” in the clarity rating means it has a lower angular dependency that offers the ability to switch shades faster from dormant 2.5 shade state.

Miller and Speedglas have also opted for the “2” rating in angular dependency for their top helmets, while Lincoln offers the complete clarity rating on its top Viking line.  

In addition to the lighter default shade and the excellent clarity rating, the UV/IR filter allows the realistic color perception typical of Optrel welding helmets, making colors appear sharper and more realistic.

Swapping Out the Panoramaxx Lens

The lens for the Panoramaxx welding helmet swaps out easily and has a specially designed gasket that keeps the majority of the dust out of the helmet. Additional cheater lenses can be purchased along with a replacement lens.

Taking Charge of Your Welding Helmet

The charging unit can fully charge your Panoramaxx helmet in just 15 minutes. That’s a guarantee of 8 hours of work for only a 15 minute charge. You can also supplement that charge with solar panels.

If you need to charge your helmet on the go, you can also use the USB charger option to give it a quick jolt.

The Comfort of the Optrel Panoramaxx Helmet

Reviewers note that the Panoramaxx is well padded and comfortable. While some have found that the design that rests over the nose takes a little getting use to, it’s ultimately worth it for the extra viewing area. Welders with larger heads may want to proceed with caution, as it may not adjust adequately for them.

Learn More about the Panoramaxx

If you act now, you can save $20 on a Panoramaxx welding helmet at Baker’s Gas and Welding as well as pick up a free carrying bag that is worth $20. Be sure to view our in-depth video review of the Panoramaxx that also compares it to similar top name brand welding helmets.

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