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Introducing the Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet

Welder using the Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet

Realistic color and a perfectly clear, unclouded shade 2 inactive settings make the Optrel Crystal 2.0 welding helmet one of the most compelling welding helmet options on the market. You’ve never enjoyed a combination of safety and clarity like this when on the job site, and weighing in at just over 18 oz., you’ll enjoy minimal neck strain and excellent vision of the weld puddle. Here’s an overview of a few features in this new welding helmet:

A Colorful View for Welding

You’ll enjoy unprecedented clarity with 31% light transmission when in the “inactive” shade mode (shade 2), while you’ll also have the complete protection of auto-darkening shades between 4-12. This can increase efficiency and speed while at work, and offer increased safety on the job site.

You’ll have an excellent view of the weld puddle with the perfect color spectrum of the Crystal Lens 2.0 and its excellent clarity at 1/1/1/2. This specially designed UV filter ensures that you’re always able to see colors almost exactly as they are while shading your eyes from flashes and guarding them from workplace dangers.

Sensitivity Adjustment for Welders

When working in close proximity to other welders, the auto darkening function on most helmets may react at the wrong time due to nearby flashes or the sparks from other welders. In addition, welding at low amps can result in some helmets not darkening appropriately.

The sensitivity of the Optrel Crystal 2.0 welding helmet can be adjusted to higher or lower sensitivity levels depending on your welding project or your welding location. This ensures you always have optimum protection while on the job, even adjusting up to “super high sensitivity.”

Three sensors detect the welding arc and adjust to flashes to ensure that you have the right shade in place at all times.

Adjust and Adapt Your Welding Helmet

Since the constant 2 shade makes it possible to wear your Optrel welding helmet around your shop for additional protection at all times, it’s designed specifically with comfort in mind, offering a comfort headband and an ergonomic shape to maximize comfort and minimize neck strain.

The telescopic mechanism on the headband ensures that you can always max out your field of vision while on the job. If you’re working at a job site with safety concerns, you can easily adapt it with a hardhat to ensure both safety and comfort while at work. The hard hat and welding helmet fit together perfectly in order to offer an all-in-one system for optimal safety and comfort on the job site.

A Welding Helmet for Every Process and Job

While the sensitivity of the Optrel Crystal 2.0 makes it ideal for TIG welding at lower amperages, and it also has a complete range of shades for MIG or stick welding at higher settings, it’s also ideal for other metalworking jobs.

The grind mode and the scope of protection makes it an excellent helmet for grinding jobs. It can also offer excellent safety for cutting applications, especially plasma cutting jobs.

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