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You Might Be A Welder If. . .

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Time for a little welding humor. We’ve officially hit the Fall season, so let’s celebrate the beginning of football season and the end of overly hot days with a bit of fun.

In August of 2006, a senior member of Miller’s welding forum started a thread that has gone down in welding history. Over nearly 2 million people have viewed “You might be a [welder] if. . . .” Although this thread was started over four years ago, the last comment was made as recently as last month!

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the thread. 

You might be a welder if. . . .


….you constantly have a "sunburn" from your bicep to just above your wrist.

….your clothes catch on fire more than once a day

….if you paint everything blue by default

….if you use more burn ointment than the local ER

….your kitchen oven mitts are the first use for your new welding gloves…then they move to the shop.

….you analyze the welds on everything while shopping….

….your uncle takes a welding course and is so proud of himself he welds all the nieces and nephews up a present for Christmas.They all break (where they were welded) and all your cousins bring them to you to get fixed!

….you blow your nose after work and there's so much metal in it that you feel the need to "show" people.

….you have a working fire hydrant in your front yard.

…the drivers side seat in your car is 3 shades darker than the passenger's side seat.


Seriously funny comments here, and that’s just within the first 15 pages – the thread has over 60 pages of comical material! Head on over the the Miller Welds forum to view even more “You might be a welder if….” hilarity.

What are some ways you know you might be a welder? Let us in on your funny take on this subject by leaving a comment below.



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