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Fabrication Shop Employee

There are many career options for welders. It is one field where the opportunities never truly dry up. Rather, they simply move. Sometimes welders find that they have to move to a new location to land the job that they want. The move can be well worth it, as it can enable a welder to further a career in this steady field.

One of the most popular companies in the fabrication and metalworking industry is Miller Welding & Machine Company. Miller Welding is a strong company that has been in existence for over 40 years and has been run by three generations. When it first began, it was run out of a 2400 square foot garage with only three people. The company began catering to the mining and lumber industries in Pennsylvania in 1963 and now is involved in industrial applications all over the United States.

The company is also very involved in the community. They support many organizations like the March of Dimes, the public library, the local YMCA, the schools, and many more. That is one reason why the company is thought so highly of and why employees are proud to work there. Outstanding customer service is another reason.

Have you ever considered working for Miller? There are many opportunities for a welder there and that is where the move might come in. Miller has two facilities located in Brookville, PA, off of Interstate 80, that are less than two miles apart. One has 98,000 square feet of floor space and is where fabrication, machining, the main office is located. The other facility has 134,000 square feet of space and has finishing and fabrication services. There is also a powder coating system at the plant. The facility is located on 66 acres of land and can easily be expanded in the future.

Miller has around 400 employees. They offer extensive training and continuing education. Employees like the family focus the company has, and the fact that there are generations of employees who work there. They offer many services, so there is sure to be something for any welder. They have welding, both robotic and manual, and fabrication services that use plasma, laser, punch, and oxy fuel. They also have machining, finishing, painting, and mechanical assembly. A welder can do very well with this company.



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