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Wonder Women Casting: Seeking Real-Life ‘Wendy the Welder’

Doron Ofir Casting is on the hunt for real-life Wonder Women who fill the roles of Wendy the Welder, Rosie the Riveter, Mining Michelle, Long Shore Lucy, Oil Rig Rachel, and Sewer Sarah on a daily basis. Finally get some recognition for your contribution as a blue-collar worker.


From the website:

From gals who have the guts to work as morticians to real life female roughnecks who trade in their high heels for hard hats, we're seeking a wide range of women who all share a passion for their dirty jobs and make no bones about it. Whether knee deep in toxic sludge, dangling over a construction site, or part of the pit crew, these sisters prove they're just as fierce as the misters. It's a dirty job, but some women love to do it.


To be considered, fill out the application form online. Then send in your audition tape to Wonder Women Casting. SIGN UP HERE!



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