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Women's Welding Gear

Women's Welding Gear


Women’s Welding Safety Gear

As women continue to occupy a more noticeable and vital place in the welding workforce, there is a greater demand for welding gloves and other welding safety gear that is specifically designed for female welders. When it’s time for women to gear up for the job alongside their male counterparts, some have notified us that certain gloves and jackets run big and aren’t suitable for their needs. 

This is where the Jessi Combs line of female welding gear from Lincoln Electric comes in as the perfect solution. Designed for women by women, this top of the line welding gear eliminates loose fitting gloves and long sleeves that get in the way of the perfect weld. Here’s an overview of a few of the Jessi Combs welding safety gear products at Baker’s:

Jessi Combs Steelworker Welding Gloves

If you need a reliable and strong everyday welding and metalworking glove, this Steelworker Welding glove from Jessi Combs at Lincoln Electric offers the perfect balance of protection and dexterity that professional welders rely on. 

The top grain cowhide is durable and capable of handling the rough edges and hot temperatures, while the goat skin back helps the hand breathe and remain comfortable throughout the day. 

Areas of especially hard wear, such as the palm of the hand, have additional padding, while there’s a hook and loop tabbed wrist closure with expanding elastic band that keeps your gloves in place while welding. 

Learn more about the Jessi Combs Steelworker Welding Gloves

Jessi Combs MIG Stick Welding Gloves

Lincoln Jessi Combs Women's MIG/Stick welding gloves are made with heat and flame resistant split cowhide, while the gloves also include a 100% soft sweat absorbent cotton lining for additional comfort and heat resistance. Like most top of the line welding gloves, they are held together with kevlar stitching and have thumb pads to ensure added durability. 

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The Best Deals on Welding Safety Gear

Welding continues to be a growing career for men and women across the country, and plenty more are striking up their arcs during the weekend in their garages and home shops. From the premium Jessi Combs welding safety gear from Lincoln Electric to the wider selection of safety products from Miller, ESAB, and other leading brands, Baker’s Gas and Welding has you covered with the most competitive prices, extensive product information, and top notch online help during your visit to our user-friendly website. 

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