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Women Welders

Women Welders

Women who have chosen welding as a career is not as new a development as some may think.  Women have been welding in the workplace since World War II.  When the war was in high gear, many manufacturing plants were in need of workers and had to turn to women to fill the jobs left vacant by the men who were serving.  What is new is that more and more women are seeing welding as a viable and lucrative career option.

Women welders wwII

Many welding schools have reported an increase in the amount of women who are interested in welding as a career.  They see the benefits and job security as something that will be good for them and for their families.  In today’s job market, the more stable a profession you can find the better it will be for you in the long run.  This is also good news for manufacturers, who have more positions to fill and fewer welders available to fill them.  This trend seems to be one that will continue in the welding area which makes it a great time for women to begin their training and education in welding.

Welding can be a very challenging and stressful career for women, but some feel that it is not any more stressful than previous careers they have had.  It is important for women who are just starting out to know what demands the job will place on them and if they are prepared to handle the hard work and long hours.  Some women feel that the benefits of a career in welding greatly outweigh any of the stress and demands of the career.  The door has been open for years, and more and more women are choosing to enter and begin a career as a professional welder.

Due to the fact that more and more women are entering the welding world, many companies who manufacture welding safety gear have had to add women’s sizes and designs that are better suited to a woman’s body.  Welding aprons, gloves and jackets must now be made in sizes that will fit a woman welder.  This has opened up a whole new customer base for many safety clothing companies and they are reaping the rewards.

Women entering the welding world have forced a lot of companies to adjust from the belief that welders are only male.  Women are quite capable of producing any type of weld that males can do, all they are asking for is to be given the chance to prove that their skills are just as good if not better than male welders.

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