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Women in Welding Spark New Arc Armor Welding Gear

There’s no mistaking that women are driving some big shifts in the welding industry. From joining welding classes at high schools and community colleges to working as welding instructors to striking arcs on job sites all over North America, there’s a huge demand for welders that women are helping to fill. Women are finding steady work and higher wages by joining the ranks of skilled welders.

Women welding jackets

As more women step into the welding workforce, they’ve needed welding safety gear that is better tailored for them, providing a comfortable fit that makes it easier to work. Miller Electric has responded by launching a new women’s Arc Armor® apparel, including the INDURA® cloth jacket and MIG and TIG gloves. Specifically engineered with feedback from women welders, the new apparel provides superior fit and comfort for elevated performance.

“As more female welders enter the industry, it’s important that they have access to high-quality welding protection,” said Bill Gardner, welding safety manager for Miller Electric Mfg. Co. “Welding protection that fits properly will increase safety, performance and productivity.”

Here’s an overview of some of the latest welding safety gear that women can check out:

Women’s Welding Jacket

Made from INDURA flame-resistant cotton, the women’s jacket provides less restriction for better movement and increases safety with a tailored fit that doesn’t have any excess fabric.

The jacket is especially ideal for women who are welding in warmer climates where a heavier leather jacket will be too hot with the heat created while welding.

MIG and TIG Welding Gloves for Women

The new women’s MIG and TIG gloves, now available in X-Small and Small, are part of an overall Arc Armor glove redesign. The smaller sizes ensure welders have a glove option that fits their needs while providing the best welding protection available.

Women’s MIG Glove (lined)

These lined MIG welding gloves provide a snug fit for women who may have smaller hands than their male colleagues, but they provide all of the comfort and protection that welders would expect from Miller.

The dual padded palm and extra lining will minimize discomfort and blisters while working. The fleece insulated palm provides a comfortable grip on your welding torch, while the insulated back can handle the heat encountered while welding. Miller’s keystone thumb design ensures maximum dexterity without compromising on safety.

Women’s TIG Glove

TIG welding calls for an especially snug fit and maximum dexterity for welders who need to feed filling wire into their metal work pieces. They are unlined in order to provide the feeling that TIG welders need.

The palms are especially rugged for TIG welders who work for longer periods of time with their triple padded comfort, and their premium goat leather is the industry standard for protection.

Custom Welding Safety Products for Women

“Miller strives to redefine welding protection through products that provide optimal fit, comfort, performance and style, resulting in safer, more productive welding environments,” said Bill Gardner, product manager at Miller Electric Mfg. Co. “The expanded offering fills a gap in the ever-changing welding world and allows operators to choose the best option and fit for their comfort and protection. That’s the Arc Armor difference.”

In addition to the women’s jacket and gloves, Miller offers two female-inspired graphic helmet designs and a full line of welding safety products.

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