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Why You Should Use a Welding Screen

Why You Should Use a Welding Screen

Welding screens are typically used by welders who must perform welding tasks in the vicinity of other workers.  Using a welding screen will reduce the amount of dangerous UV light that other workers are exposed to when welding is being performed.  Welding screens (or welding curtains) can be found wherever you purchase your welding supplies and can be found in a variety of sizes and colors.  Installing a welding screen in the area you are working in will be greatly appreciated by those working close by.  They will no longer be temporarily blinded by the flashes of light coming from your welding torch.

Installing a welding screen in your work area will not only provide you with privacy, it will also keep others from developing dangerous flash burns.  Even if a person is not directly looking at the UV light produced by a welding torch, even catching glimpses from the corner of your eye may be enough to cause harmful flash burns.  If you don’t have time to run out and purchase a welding screen during the day, you can create one using a tarp.  This will provide sufficient protection for those around you until you have the chance to purchase a welding curtain.  Using a see through welding screen is suggested if you are working in an area where large pieces of machinery are constantly moving.  Being able to see what may be coming will help keep you from walking in front of a fork lift or other piece of heavy machinery.

Many welders who work in a shop or machine shop have recognized the importance of using a welding screen.  They commonly build their own frames that can hold the welding screen and order a screen that will fit in the frame.  Doing this allows welders to customize the size and design of the welding screen they use in their work area.  Welding screens that are available include grommets that allow the screen to be attached and stretched within the frame.  Using a welding screen is the safe thing to do, and it will not only offer you an extra level of protection but will shield anyone walking or working near your area from the harmful UV light that is created when welding is being performed.

Welding screens are an excellent form of protection and are even required by OSHA to protect passersby from being exposed to UV light.  Having the ability to customize and build your own frame will allow you to design a welding screen that will cover your work area completely.  A welding screen is a relatively inexpensive way to protect those who are working in the same area as you are.  It is not only up to the welder to protect themselves while welding but they should also do whatever they can to reduce the amount of exposure others experience.

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