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Why Welders Choose the New Miller Weld-Mask 2


Miller Electric has a collection of premium welding helmets that offer significant protection and flexibility for welding projects. However, when it comes to welding in tight spaces, minimizing neck strain, and simplifying your welding set up, Miller’s latest weld-mask technology may offer a simple, lightweight, cost-effective solution that will help welders get to work without having to wear a larger helmet.

Miller Weld Mask 2

If the job calls for a weld-mask, it may prove to be an ideal solution for welders. Here’s a look at how your next welding project could benefit from a weld-mask:

Shipbuilding and Construction Welding Eye Protection

While you don’t have to be a shipbuilder or construction worker in order to use Miller’s weld-mask, it was developed in communication with these two groups of welders who needed to access tight spaces while customizing their safety setups. The weld-mask provides superior eye protection with a full range of auto-darkening shades and fits with a cloth head covering that can easily fit under a hard hat.

Welders looking for extra protection can also add a respirator to their setup, while welders working on delicate projects can adapt with a magnifying glass. When welding for longer periods of time, the lightweight, tight fit of the weld-mask eliminates neck strain and increases mobility and the welder’s field of vision.

Of course, if you’re working on a project with a lot of spatter, check out some other welding helmet options offered by Miller.

Here’s a look at the two weld-mask models offered by Miller:

The Original Miller Weld-Mask

The original weld-mask is extremely slim and lightweight while offering shades: 5,7,9,11, and 13. It was designed fit well with hardhats and to provide protection for a variety of processes, including gas welding & cutting, MIG, TIG, Stick.

The fire resistant silicon skirt is replaceable, while the goggles provide a tight fit for excellent eye protection while wearing a hard hat and/or respirator. It comes with a RX/Magnifying lens frame for especially challenging welds.

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Miller Weld-Mask 2 Auto-Darkening Goggles

The Miller weld-mask 2 takes the technology of the weld-mask to the next level, including the popular X-Mode feature that provides superior protection from flashes on Miller’s welding helmets. The soft head-covering is easily replaced, optimizing the life of your weld-mask setup.

The lens inner cover is designed to be anti-fog, ensuring clear visibility in all conditions. The face-forming soft gasket prevents external life from interfering with the welder’s vision.

Taking concerns with workplace safety guidelines into account, Weld-Mask 2 is fully compliant with the standards for industrial environments. The Miller LPR-100 reusable respirator and classic safety glasses seamlessly fit under Weld-Mask 2 in order to make it a complete safety solution.

As of this writing, you can save about $90 off the regular price of the Miller Weld-Mask 2.

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Don’t Lose Sight of Welding Safety!

The Miller weld-mask series offers a practical and affordable solution for welders today who have a wide variety of projects in different positions and with different materials. An estimated one in four welding injuries are linked to eyesight damage. You only get one set of eyes. Take good care of them with a weld-mask or welding helmet today!  

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