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Which Tungsten Should I Use? Try Blue Demon's Combo Pack!

TIG Welder choosing the correct tungsten

Choosing tungsten can be tricky. Tungsten performance relies on a couple different things including whether you are running AC or DC, the material you are welding, your amperage, and how you start the arc (i.e. scratch start, high freq, etc.)

If you are looking to try a couple different tungstens, it can add up with each pack ranging between $10-$20, but luckily Blue Demon came in to save the day with their "Tungsten Combo Pack". With the Tungsten Combo Pack, you get a pair 5 different tungstens all in the same pack. The best part is that it just costs $22.85!

Each combo pack contains:
  • 2 x PINK EWG Multi-Mix Rare Earth Tungsten
  • 2 x GREEN EWP Pure Tungsten¬†
  • 2 x GRAY EWCe-2 2% Ceriated Tungsten
  • 2 x BLUE EWLa-2 2% Lanthanated Tungsten
  • 2 x RED EWTh-2 2% Thoriated Tungsten

I really recommend picking up one of these kits with your new TIG or Multiprocess Inverter Welder. The Combo Pack will be the most cost-effective way to experiment with different tungstens to see exactly what works for your welding style.

Blue Demon Tungsten Combo Pack

The Combo Packs come in 3/32" diameter. This size is pretty general-purpose and can be used for a bunch of different applications. If you are welding standard Mild Steel, you can pair the Combo Pack with this TIG Rod. If you have an AC TIG Welder and you are welding Aluminum, you can use this 4043 TIG Rod with the Combo Pack. When you are welding Stainless, we recommend this 308L TIG Rod.

Once you decide which tungsten is the right one for you and your applications, Blue Demon makes each of the tungstens in the Combo Pack separately. Most Blue Demon tungstens are available in both 3 and 10 packs.

Be sure to check out the Tungsten Selector Video put together by our welding engineer, Andrew, too. He goes in detail over the different type of tungsten available and why each one has it's own benefits. Or refer to the Tungsten Electrode chart below.

Tungsten Electrode Chart

To buy the Blue Demon Tungsten Combo Pack, click here.

Gregrey Patrisso


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