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Where to Find the Best Welding Jobs This Week

If you’re on the hunt for a welding job that will pay welders a great salary and will provide work that is interesting and challenging, we’ve searched through the job listings this week, and we’ve narrowed down a few particular regions that you’ll want to check out. Whether you’re looking for industrial welding, pipeline welding, or structural welding, you can find plenty of great welding opportunities.

Here’s this week’s welding job roundup that takes you from the Midwest, down to the deep south, and out to the East Coast.

Welding Jobs in Virginia

Welding jobs are booming in Virginia. While there’s plenty of manufacturing and pipeline welding happening throughout West Virginia, Norfolk is the epicenter of many high quality shipbuilding welding jobs.

These welding jobs use stick welding and fluxcore welding processes and generally involve working on ship building and other manufacturing work. Experience with power tools and superior analytical skills will be essential for landing a welding job in the shipyards of Norfolk, Virginia. If you’re concerned about the stifling heat of the Deep South, Virginia could provide a great alternative.

Welding Manufacturing Jobs in Wisconsin

While pipeline welders may find some jobs in Wisconsin, it’s more likely that you’ll find a high quality fabrication job in this state that offers a strong manufacturing sector. Cities such as Manitowic offer a large number of welding jobs, and national trends suggest that these numbers could only increase as the welding workforce ages and more companies “on-shore” their manufacturing work.

The ability to read blueprints and to recognize various welding symbols will be a must for this kind of fabrication work. If you have experience working with aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, and other alloys, and you can fit metal work pieces together, these welding jobs in Wisconsin could be a great fit for you.

Pipeline Welding Jobs in Mississippi

The shipyards along the Gulf Coast have been a friendly place for welders seeking jobs. From Alabama to New Orleans, welders have found plenty of opportunities down south. However, by checking out the opportunities in Mississippi, most welders can find a surplus of welding jobs.

While shipbuilding is at the heart of the welding jobs in Mississippi, there are plenty of pipeline welding jobs in the shipyards. Most of these jobs require at least five years of experience working in shipyards. As may be expected, welders will need to have to pass several welding tests in order to be certified, and stick and fluxcore welding will be essential. Most pipes worked on are made from carbon steel.

Welding Jobs Throughout Florida

Florida has a wide variety of welding positions throughout its major cities, including Panama City, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay. You can find pipeline welding, manufacturing, and shipbuilding welding work throughout the Sunshine State.

If you’re looking for welding work that’s a bit more specialized and challenging, you can explore TIG welding work in Jacksonville on a U.S. Navy ship. A large number of ships need repairs, and if you’d rather not do pipeline welding, this is a great specialized opportunity.

With more specialized work comes a longer list of qualifications. In addition to the five years of experience most jobs require, applicants should have mechanical and analytic skills for troubleshooting repairs, as well as general experience in using power tools. In the case of working on a Navy ship, a clean background check will also be important.

Welding Jobs in South Dakota

Everyone knows that there are tons of pipeline welding jobs showing up throughout South Dakota, but that’s not the end of your welding opportunities. There are various welding jobs available in South Dakota that include manufacturing, repair, and small welding projects.

If you don’t like the idea of welding on pipelines all day, you can check out some of the opportunities in Huron, SD that involve working on forklifts or repairing machines with a wire feed welder.

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