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Where to Find the Best Deals on Victor Torch Cutting Kits

When you need a quick, affordable, and effective way to cut metal in your welding shop, the obvious go-to is a torch cutting kit. A cutting torch set up can work with acetylene or propane for cutting in a shop or on the road. In fact, torch-cutting systems are especially useful for welders who need to work in multiple locations.

Victor torch sets are currently discounted at Baker’s Gas and Welding, providing the torches, hoses, regulators, and tips you need to cut effectively. In fact, many Victor torch sets average around $100 off, and the current Victor’s promotion provides an additional 5% off. Here’s a quick overview for several of the top cutting torch sets from Victor.

Victor Medalist 250 Acetylene Medium Duty Outfit – 540/300 G-250 Regulators

This medium-duty cutting set is ideal for construction and fabrication work. The new torch handle has a redesigned grip that is more ergonomic, making it easier to work for long stretches of time. In addition, the high strength alloy materials on the handle make for a sturdier torch that will last longer.

The check valves on the torch’s handle ensure that you’ll have the best of safety while you work. The high contrast on the regulators makes it easy to keep track of how much gas you’re using, making it easier to check your settings on the work site.

This torch set is ideal for all fuel gases, as it requires only one cutting attachment. You only need to change the tip and regulator based on the type of fuel you’re using.

Victor Medalist 350 Acetylene Heavy Duty Outfit – 540/300 G-350 Regulators

If you’re looking for many of the same features offered in the 250 but you want a little more cutting power and a lot more value for your dollar, consider upgrading to the Victor Medalist 350. This outfit is ideal for heavy-duty cutting projects and offers the same durable torch and high quality regulator valves.

Like all of the other torch sets, the 350 set comes with a five-year warranty. You’ll be able to work with all cutting fuels, provided you have the right tips for the job.

Victor Journeyman 450 Heavy Duty Outfit – 540/300 SR Regulators

If you want to do some heavy-duty cutting as well as a bit of welding with your torch set up, the Journeyman 450 system provides the regulators, cutting attachment, and welding handle required to get the job done. The 315 FC welding handle offers reverse flow check valves with flashback arrestors that provide maximum safety while you cut or weld.

Much like the 250 kit, this Victor torch set provides a heavy-duty torch that is designed to be portable and to last for the long haul. It works with a single cutting attachment for all fuel gases, provided you once again have the correct tip.

Why Get a Torch Kit?

While the oxygen and cutting fuel tanks mean you’ll have an extra expense beyond the torch kit itself, an oxy-cutting set up is still a very cost-effective way to get a lot of cutting power in your shop. Some welders have turned to plasma cutters as a safer and more accurate way to cut materials in their shops, but plasma cutters can be expensive and especially hard to transport to multiple job sites.

A torch kit can use existing fuel, such as propane, that your shop may already have in supply. So a torch set up may be especially easy and affordable in certain cases.

Learn More about the Victor Torch Promotion

The current offer (as of this writing) for 5% off Victor Torch kits applies to a wide range of Victor products at the Baker’s Gas and Welding website. You may need cutting tips, regulators, or a full kit for your welding shop, and Baker’s has significant discounts on them all. If you time your visit right, you can also get free UPS ground shipping on your order.

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