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Where to Find a Welding Job in America?

Where are all of the welding jobs these days? The short answer to that question would be in the middle of America and along the coasts. However, not every Midwestern state is experiencing a manufacturing or shale/oil boom. In addition, not every coastal city has a thriving shipbuilding hub.

After reviewing the latest news stories and career boards, we’ve narrowed down a few states and/or cities where you’re most likely to find a welding job that pays a sustainable salary. There will always be welding jobs in each state, as every state has some kind of manufacturing and road-building to do. We’re zeroing in on the best places to find high-quality welding jobs in abundance.

Start in the South

The places you may not think of looking for a welding job include coastal cities in Virginia and Florida. Neither state is making headlines with the oil and gas boom, but you can still find a strong base of welding jobs that support shipbuilding and other manufacturing businesses.

In general, many cities with any kind of manufacturing history will have welding jobs since many businesses have found that its more economically viable to fabricate materials on shore rather than off-shoring their work. Welding fabrication jobs can be found in the major cities in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Missouri also turns up a high number of welding jobs with its strong manufacturing sector. If you can’t land a job in Missouri or Florida, don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities nearby!

Go to the Coasts for Welding Work

Alabama and Louisiana have traditionally been shipbuilding hubs dating all the way back to the Second World War. Welders continue to travel to the port cities in these states in order to find welding jobs that utilize their stick welding skills. In addition, the strong economy around shipbuilding means there will be plenty of other job opportunities if you hit a rough patch.

If the Deep South isn’t your thing, you can also travel out to San Diego, California for welding work. Southern California has been another welding hub with all of its shipbuilding opportunities. A move out west could be a big change, but the climate promises to be far milder than the heat of the south.

Move to the Middle

If you have experience with pipeline welding, now is the time to cash in on some great opportunities. The oil and gas boom stretching from Texas and Oklahoma to North and South Dakota have led to a kind of job rush that has made it difficult to find housing. In fact, there are significant concerns in the Dakotas that the economic boom will be slowed down if employers can’t find enough welders.

Towns are exploding in numbers overnight, and a wide variety of service jobs are popping up alongside all of the welding jobs that have surfaced as oil and gas reserves have been tapped in new locations. Some employers have even gone straight to trade schools in the area in order to recruit new employees. Many welding school graduates in these areas haven’t even had to check the classified section for work!

Don’t Overlook the Northeast

With all of the focus on the Midwest and Deep South, welders in search of work shouldn’t overlook the many opportunities found in eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. There are some welders in Ohio who claim to be making six-figure incomes because the demand for skilled welders is so high.

That income level is more of the exception than the rule, but the days of welders settling for $12 an hour are over in many regions. You may need to relocate for a while or even permanently, but the opportunities for a high-paying welding job are out there. If you’re tired of looking for a job, a welding career could be just the thing you need to get back to work.

Start Training for Your Welding Job

If you need to train for a welding job, there’s nothing better than taking some welding classes and picking up your own stick welder in order to practice making welds in your free time. Visit Baker’s Gas and Welding today to find the best deals on welders, welding safety gear, and welding supplies.

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