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What You Need to Know about the New ESAB Welders and Cutters

What You Need to Know about the New ESAB Welders and Cutters

The latest welding machines and plasma cutters due out from ESAB in February 2017 are going to make it hard to pick a new welder or cutter if you’re in the market for an upgrade in your shop. We’ve taken a look at what you can expect from these new machines and put together a brief roundup to help you weigh which machine could work the best for you:

The ESAB Rebel EMP 235ic Multiprocess Welder

ESAB has made a lot of waves in the multiprocess welder market with its Rebel EMP 235ic. This truly multi-process machine can handle MIG, TIG, stick, lift TIG, and flux core MIG. Also, it is light enough to take with you and can weld just about anything: mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. And, you can easily switch between 120 and 230V for power flexibility no matter what your job may call for.

For MIG welders using the Rebel EMP or EM, the sMIG technology feature makes welding a snap as your machine adapts to your techniques and preferences, ensuring that your welds are as efficient and strong as possible. Then, if you need to tweak your settings, the large 4.3 inch color display makes it that much easier to select your preferred process or settings.

Pre-order the Rebel EMP 235ic today.

The ESAB Rebel EM 235ic is also available, offering only MIG welding with all of the same great capabilities listed above… for MIG welding that is. 

Pre-order the Rebel EM 235ic today.

The Rebel 215ic EMP, EM and EMS are available and ready to ship today at Baker’s Gas!

Renegade ES 300i Stick and TIG Welder

The latest Renegade Stick/TIG welding machine weighs in at a striking 33 pounds. It offers 208V to 480V power and a range of 30 to 300 amps for stick welding and 3 to 300 amps for TIG projects.

Professional welders working on heavy duty projects will love to use this top of the line machine because it can automatically detect your parameters and offers a booster circuit for improved arc starts and overall welding performance. If you ever need to check in on your welding parameters from a previous job, you can save them in one of three available memory settings.

ESAB Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet

You’ll find superior comfort and visibility with the ESAB Sentinel A50 welding helmet. Completely redesigned with ergonomic headgear, an impact resistant shell design, and intuitive controls, you’ll enjoy a truly comfortable welding experience with this cutting edge helmet.

Pre-order the ESAB Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet today.

This five-point headgear can be adapted to a variety of welding settings and has a central pivot point for easily placing the helmet in the up position. Inside, you’ll find shade options that range from 5 to 13, shade 3 grind mode, and excellent 1/1/1/2 clarity rating.

Learn more about the ESAB Sentinel Today

Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 60i Plasma Cutter

If you’re looking for a new plasma cutter that offers a high ratio of cutting power despite its light weight, the new Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster plasma cutting machine should be at the top of your list. In addition to its surprising power, you’ll get the most out of your cuts with its gas optimizer technology that ensures your air pressure is regulated for the optimal cuts.

Keep track of your consumables and machine maintenance with its end of life indicators and user alerts that will keep your machine operating at its highest capacity and with minimal downtime waiting for parts. In addition, you’ll have the security of a four-handle roll cage and a four-year handle to handle warranty.

Learn More about ESAB Machines

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