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What’s in a Name? How to Name Your Welding Company

What’s in a Name? How to Name Your Welding Company

The direction of your business may change, the amount of money you make may change, but your business name will remain constant. Get it right, the first time. As you build your brand online and off, your business name will soon be more than just a name. Your company name will be associated with you and what you stand for.

Choose your Name

Your business name should reflect the direction you want to take your business. Many freelancers and individuals operate under their personal name when they get started. An easy way to present a more professional image is to simply have a business name.

Test your Name

Consider how your name will look and sound whether it is presented online, in print, in person, or broadcasted on television and radio. Is it easy to pronounce, what words are associated with it, does it distinguish you from competitors? Do a quick online search for a name your curious about. See if it is already associated with another company. You may also wish to visit Twitter and Facebook to see if your potential company name is already taken as a username. Go to sba.gov to check for potential trademark infringement.

Protect your Name

Register your name with the proper authorities for taxation, incorporation, licensing, and permits. The first step, a very easy one, is obtaining a DBA or Doing Business As. Your local bank or credit union will point you in the right direction and can help you open a separate business checking account. It is probably a good time to meet with a financial advisor as well. They can help you determine if you should incorporate your business. You can get a trademark for your state. Register for a federal trademark via the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Think About the Dot Com

When it comes to naming your company, consider how it will work on the worldwide web. From my blog, Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name, you’ll find the following suggestions. Your domain name or URL is important for a successful website. Email addresses at your domain name allow easy handling of customer requests and are much more reputable than email addresses from free webmail accounts. If you choose your website name carefully it will come up easily in internet searches.

Your domain should be one of two things, your company name or a top keyword (keyword phrase). Make it intuitive if possible. If possible choose a dot com (.com). You will be disadvantaged (without a dot com) if your ideal customers are a little less tech savvy. Many people who use the web still assume it consists only of dot coms.

Of extreme importance is a domain name that is easy to type and easy to remember. Don’t use words that are hard to spell. Some sources recommend avoiding the letters q, z, x, c, and p because they are not easy to type. Because of word of mouth advertising and radio advertising avoid using numbers. You’ll waste your air time explaining, “That’s the number four as a numeral.” The same goes for hyphens; avoid them. Short names are easier to remember and fit more neatly on offline marketing materials.

Good Welding Company Names

Some of my favorite welding company names I’ve come across include: Weld One, Steelog, The Man of Steel, Custom Anything, Cutting Edge Fabrication, Hotshotz Welding, Creative Iron Designs, Patina Metals, Flat Iron Partners, and Metalmorphosis.

What’s your company name? Please share in the comments below.



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