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What is the Difference between Welding Schools and Welding Colleges?

If you are planning on becoming a welder then chances are you are looking at finding a school to attend. By the time you start looking you are likely to be overwhelmed with the choices and types of schools that are available for welders. In most cases it comes down to two choices:

  • Welding School
  • Welding College

So what are the differences between the two and how do they affect your career? Before answering that question you need to ask yourself where you plan to be in 20 years from now. That is what is going to determine what type of school you will likely choose for your training.

Welding schools and welding colleges both will train you how to weld and fabricate. The difference comes in academic classes. Most schools that only teach welding don’t offer classes in management and engineering. When attending a welding college most welders get a degree which is a minimum of two years of training and it also covers other subjects that are related to supervision positions.

Going back to the question of ‚Äúwhere do you see yourself in 20 years from now‚ÄĚ is what should determine what type of school you choose. If you think you might want a less hands on career later on in life then choosing a college over a school is the smart choice. On the other hand if you are the type of person that cannot get enough of the outdoors and physical labor then a welding school would be right for you.

The pros of choosing a college is you get a formal education verse just learning how to weld. Welding colleges also teach classes in management, robotics and metallurgy. If you attend a college then you are likely to get management opportunities and the ability to do easier work later down the road. Welding colleges also open the door to becoming a welding engineer and that means a lot more money and flexibility in career choices. A simple piece of paper can make you life a lot easier and more financially rewarding.

On the other hand if you are the type of person who can’t get enough of the outdoors and you always need to be moving then a welding school might work better for you. The pros of most welding schools are you can be done in less than one year and already earning a pay check. Most welding schools allow you to start class any time of the year and give you the flexibility to also work while going to school. One of the main advantages of choosing a welding school over a college is the amount of student loans and debt you will get yourself into while attending class. The less debt you have to start the sooner you can start enjoying life.

In the end the choice of welding schools vs. welding college comes down to the type of person you are and where you want to be in 20 years from now. Before jumping ahead into any school take the time to review your options and think about what is really right for you.



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