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What Are the New Welding Careers and Welding Jobs?

What Are the New Welding Careers and Welding Jobs?

Job opportunities in the field of welding are increasing due to the retirement of many workers and the ongoing need for welders to work on pipelines, ships, and buildings. However, another reason for the increase in welding jobs and welding careers is the evolution of new processes in the welding industry.

As specialized processes are developed, new welders will need to be trained and certified. The compensation for these new jobs promises to be competitive. However, if you want to capitalize on the new opportunities in the welding field, make sure you learn about these processes, the training you need, and where you can break into these industries. Here are a few examples of new jobs and careers available for welders.

TIG Welding Is In Demand

Whether you’re creating art, fabricating, or working on a custom motorcycle, there is a strong demand for TIG welders in a variety of industries for a skilled TIG welder. Growth in the custom automotive industry has been particularly good for TIG welders.

Solid State Friction Welding Careers

There are a variety of solid state friction welding processes being used for welding plastics together. Welding engineers will need to be able to operate these advanced machines that create clean, strong welds in a matter of seconds without adding any additional material to the weld.

Nuclear Systems Welding Jobs

As our country’s nuclear power plants age and new power plants become a reality, a strong demand for welders in the nuclear sector of the economy will continue.

Battery Manufacturing

As the electric car industry continues to grow, there are many opportunities for welders in the manufacturing of car batteries.

High Strength Steel Welding Careers

This lighter and durable version of steel will call for new welding techniques so that strong welds can be created without burning through the metal. In addition, this type of steel will call for new inspection practices.

Hybrid Laser/Plasma Arc Welding Jobs

The hybrid laser/plasma arc welding process is commonly used in manufacturing and fabrication and has led to significant increases in productivity that make it an extremely attractive process for manufacturers who stand to gain the most if they can make their operations more efficient.

Remote Laser Welding Careers

This is a highly specialized type of welding that uses beam steering systems in order to weld metal together for a variety of construction projects.

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