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What Are the Essential Simple Welding Tools for Your Shop?

Setting up an efficient, top-notch welding shop is all about having the right tools on hand for the job. Oftentimes a small, simple tool can make all of the difference in selecting the right welder settings or getting the metal workpiece cleaned up before getting to work. We’ve put together a guide for welders that highlights some of our team’s favorite tools and welding supplies to have on hand when it’s time to get to work in their shops.

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Material Thickness Gauge from Miller Electric

When you’re working on a variety of metal workpieces at the same time or when you aren’t sure about the size of a metal workpiece, Miller’s simple material thickness gauge is a great tool to have on hand in your shop. With slots ranging from 24 gauge to 5/16”, you’ll eliminate the guesswork for your welder’s settings.

If you’re working on a mobile welding operation or need a way to keep track of it, you can attach it right to your keychain so that it will never get lost in a toolbox or left behind at a job site. 

Welding Soapstone and Soapstone Holders

Every welder working with carbon steel will want to have soapstone around to mark cut lines or starting and stopping points before striking an arc. Soapstone is useful because you can see it under the hood and it doesn’t disappear while you’re welding, but it’s easy to clean off.

Baker’s has boxes of soapstone as well as soapstone holders that you can clip onto a pocket so you always know where your soapstone is.

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Atlas Tomahawk Cone and Chisel Chipping Hammer

These lightweight hammers (15 oz) are an essential simple welding tool for metal prep and weld clean up. With the cone and chisel sides you can alternate between reaching tight spots on your metal workpiece that require precision or chipping away at larger areas of your workpiece.

The heads are pinned for added safety and reliability, and the hand grips are highly durable metal coils that can handle the demands of any welding worksite.

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Anchor Carbon Steel Shoe Handle Brush

This heavy-duty industrial brush is another welding shop essential for metal preparation and clean up. While these brushes tend to be cheap and widely available, these brushes from Anchor are especially sturdy and are designed to out-work and outlast the economy brushes on the market. Filled with a higher density of wires and fitted with longer bristles, they promise to make metal preparation easier and more efficient.

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Strong Hand Adjustable Magnet

Whether you need to hold metal in place, move a metal workpiece, or set up 45-90 degree angles, a Strong Hand Adjustable Magnet will be an essential tool to have in your shop. Coming in a variety of sizes and offering different angles and application, Strong Hand Magnets offer a sure grip and can pull far more than their weight.

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