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Welding Supplies – The Basics for any Welding Job

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Every profession has its toolbox. Some are figurative toolboxes full of intangible skills and others are actual toolboxes full of real tools. While skilled welders possess experience, patience and steadiness, there are a few tangible items you need before you can begin any project.


Most welding processes require a good, well-fitting helmet. No one can weld without wearing a helmet. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from auto-dimming helmets to flip-screen helmets.

A good all-purpose helmet, like a Jackson Helmet, should have auto-darkening capabilities and shouldn’t be too large or cumbersome. 


Gloves are your first line of defense when welding. They protect you from heat, electricity, moisture and chemicals. Most gloves will keep your hands dry and will protect you from electricity. Thus, the variable is how they protect you from heat and the range of motion they allow.

Gloves that are made of cowhide will protect you from many welding processes but may not provide the range of motion you would like for TIG welding. Tillman offers a line of gloves designed for both stick and arc welding. TIG welding gloves, like Black Stallion gloves, are usually made of goatskin, which offers less heat protection but more movement.

If you are working on a particularly high current job, consider purchasing some Tillman high heat gloves

Welding Cable

Welding cable is sometimes used to power the welding device. It is usually made from rubber-covered copper wire. Baker’s Gas sells various gauges of welding cable in a wide variety of lengths and even offers bulk cable on spools. If you are purchasing a cable you will probably also need a cable connector set, which includes the male and female ends to connect two cables. An electrode holder, is used to hold an electrode, which melts the metal through which the current is conducted. 

Hearing Protection
If you’ve ever tried to talk to a seasoned welder who hasn’t worn ear protection, you know how important it can be to choose and wear the proper protection. Don’t try to use drug store earplugs for work. Instead, purchase work safety ear plugs.

Cleaning Products

Regularly cleaning your equipment will keep it looking better and functioning longer. Nozzle Dip Gel protects your welding gun’s nozzle and tips and is also non-toxic. Lube pads help you smooth the feeding of wires and helps prevent rust.



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