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Welding Supplies and Workshop Gifts for Your Stockings

While a pack of MIG wire won’t make a very impressive gift for the welders in your family, and some radioactive TIG welding electrodes are the last thing you want to bring home with the kids, you can still find some highly affordable and extremely useful welding supplies and tools at Baker’s Gas and Welding. You can find a pre-selected group of gifts on sale that are rugged, portable, and versatile. They’re not just gifts for welders, but they are gifts that anyone working with his hands will use at one point or another.

Here’s a round up of welding supplies you can pick up as gifts this Christmas:

Welding Supplies Over $30

Baker’s is currently offering a series of heavy-duty flashlights and headlamps on sale for the holidays. Whether you work outside or in a welding shop, flashlights are always handy to have around when you’re working out of position and need to look into a tight spot where you’re welding.

The NEBO Chameleon is one particularly durable flashlight that provides a powerful, long lasting LED light in a hard shell that can endure steady use. In fact, several of NEBO’s flashlights are used by the U.S. Army.

For projects that take you out of position, a head lamp is an ideal tool that can also be put to use while on a camping trip with family or while doing a project around the house when it’s dark out.


Welding Supplies Between $15-30

Here are some highlights from the $15-30 category beyond the various flashlights available:

NEBO Ultrasocket Combination Kit

You can get all of the socket combinations you need in this handy and portable kit that provides excellent leverage and a firm grip. It’s an extremely easy tool to adapt with options that include 18 SAE and Metric sockets, 12 screwdriver bits, and a magnetic adapter. Rather than lugging a socket case around your shop as you’re putting welding projects together, this little kit is ideal  for all handy men and women.

The NEBO Grip All Tool

The Grip All Tool  provides a simple, highly adaptable wrench that is ideal for loosening and tightening bolts in areas where movement will be restricted. It’s teeth are heavy duty metal that has been treated at 620 degrees, and the ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip while you work.

Welding Supplies Between $10-15

Some of the best stocking stuffer gifts for welders are the simple tools they use every day and damage through regular use. Something as simple as a tape measure may be a welcome gift for a welder who has long ago scuffed up his current tape measure that is hard to read.

You may also consider picking up a multi-tool that comes with needle nose pliers and various knives and files that can come in extremely handy while working on a project. Multi-tools are especially ideal for welders who regularly work off site and on the go. It’s easier to carry one versatile tool than to fill their pockets with tools they may seldom use.

While there are plenty of affordable, high quality flashlights in this price range as well, you could also complement a utility/pocket knife purchase with a sharpening kit that suctions onto your table as you sharpen your tools.

The NEBO light tech pack provides the best of both worlds with a small, portable flashlight and a versatile multi-tool. Its powerful 35 lumens LED light bulb provides plenty of light from a relatively tiny flashlight. The tool provides eight essential functions to any welder or worker on the go: pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, file, knife flat-head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and a carabiner. It’s no larger than a typical set of car keys, so you can take this tool with you wherever you go.


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