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Welding Specialities: Introduction of Micro TIG Welding

Looking into a microscope

With technology always advancing, developments in the welding world are coming faster and faster.  With the introduction of micro TIG welding, it is now possible for welders who are specialized in the field to be able to produce small intricate welds that normally weren't possible to accomplish.

The micro welding system uses gas tungsten welding techniques along with a microscope to optimize the visibility for the welder.  The process also involves the use of high tech optics and lighting which are necessary in producing the small arc gaps necessary.  Micro TIG welding uses wire diameters as small as .005 inches and currents that start at 2/10's of an amp, allowing welders to complete welds that were impossible only a few years ago.

In using these tools, it is possible to reach areas that were unreachable in older methods of welding.  It allows deposits of just enough weld material to make the repair without leaving an excess that could become problematic in the stability of the weld.

The micro TIG field requires specialized equipment that is not normally found on a typical job site.  It is more commonly used in the sensor industry, aerospace and different technological fields where aluminum and titanium fabrication is produced.

Since this is a newer facet of an almost ancient practice, there remains room for growth and more advances in the field.  Because of the skill involved in this type of weld, it requires the welders who are proficient in this field to constantly maintain their skill and training.



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