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Patrick Dufault wanted to become a welder since as far back as he can remember. However, a case of primary dyslexia caused Dufault to struggle in
school as he worked on homework for hours and still failed his tests.

Finally, Dufault enrolled in a local community college that provided the
support he needed in a learning assistance center.

“Dufault said when he was studying to become a welder about 10 years ago, staff at the center read all his books onto tapes, tutored him, and helped him out as much as they could.

‘At first, when I was getting ready to enroll in welding, I honestly didn’t
know how I was going to be able to do it,’ Dufault said. ‘There were 2-1/2 binders every eight weeks in coursework, and I would do about three to four hours of homework every night. I was still failing tests and having to repeat things.’

Dufault said the extra support he received from the Learning Assistance Centre, along with a lot of hard work, helped him complete his apprenticeship.”

Source: Edmonton Journal

Today Dufault manages his own mobile welding business, choosing which jobs he
wants to take on. His colleagues help him by reading instructions and verbally
relaying important information.

Dufault isn’t the only welder finding new opportunities these days. Here is
the latest from the welding industry:

Welding Industry

Manufacturing Jobs Return to U.S.: “GE learned it can
encourage innovation and cut costs when its engineers, marketing staff, and line
workers can come together in one room, rather than communicate across the globe.
When GE revived the production of its water heaters in Kentucky, it reduced the cost
of materials by 25 percent and improved quality. Now, GE is investing $800
million in Appliance Park and hopes to create 1,000 jobs. ‘I don’t do that
because I run a charity,’ GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt has said. ‘I do that because I
think we can do it here and make more money.’”

Welding Jobs

Community College Students on Welding Career Path: “A group of
Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) Newton Campus students have accepted full-time welding jobs at Vermeer Corporation. ‘I am so happy to have a career path, employment with an excellent company, and a good-paying job,’ said former DMACC student and Vermeer employee Bill Etter

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Are Part of Welding Careers: Kelsey Orendach “has to be able to make precise measurements, read technical blueprints and understand and apply welding processes. Her colleagues
also operate computer-controlled welding robots, one of which, nicknamed “Optimus,” cost $150,000.”

“There are good reasons to steer more students into STEM fields at any level
of education, the Brookings report says. STEM jobs, even those without a
four-year degree, offer higher wages and better opportunities for advancement
than other jobs with similar educational requirements.”

Welding Education

Construction Company Donates $10,000 to Technology Center’s Welding Program: “Robinson Construction Company has donated $10,000 to the Perryville Area Career and Technology Center welding program at Perry County School District 32.”

Welding instructor Bill Johns described the Center’s partnership with
Robinson Construction: “”We have a great partnership with Robinson Construction I am able to help them with staff training and certification, and they are an outstanding employer that is willing to interview my welding class graduates.
They have hired a number of my students, many right out of high school, and give
them a career that offers a good wage and the possibility for advancement.”

Utah Welding Students Go to National Welding Competition: After taking first place in the state competition, “A team of [three] welding fabricators, from Maple Mountain High, were invited to attend the national welding competition in Kansas City from June 24-28. This is the 49th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference.”

Girls Can Camp Trains Female Welders in Alabama: “The sparks
are flying and the ‘girl power’ is abundant inside the shop at Bryant Career
Technical Center in Irvington. Twenty 8th and 9th grade girls from Mobile have
been chosen for this special chance to learn the tricks of many trades.

“‘It’s amazing to learn how to do this kind of stuff,’ said Mikalela Bates, a
Sophomore at Davidson High School. ‘You can learn carpentry and plumbing, and
it’s kind of nice.’”

Welding Events

AWS Codes and Standards Conference: July 16-17, 2013 in Orlando, FL.

“Technical standards are among the most valuable documents available to
manufacturers and fabricators of welded products. This AWS conference will take
a deep dive into AWS D1 structural codes, the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel
Code, API pipeline codes, and military and ISO standards. Designers, inspectors,
and QC specialists will gain new insights and career-enhancing knowledge.”

16th Annual Aluminum Conference: September 4-5, 2013 in Chicago, IL

“A distinguished panel of aluminum-industry experts will survey the state of the art in aluminum welding technology and practice.

The 16th Aluminum Welding Conference will also provide several opportunities for you to network informally with speakers and other participants, and to visit an exhibition showcasing products and services available to the aluminum welding industry.”

Welding Gone Wrong

Barn Fire Blamed on Welding Equipment: “Central Orchard Mesa Fire Department Chief David Gitchell said the property owner at 3177 B Road reported he’d been cutting iron with various welding equipment inside the barn and had briefly walked back to his house on the 35-acre spread in order to get a snack. Later, he heard popping sounds coming the barn.”

Sheriff Shuts Down Welding Project Due to Fire Threat: Sheriff
Benny House feared that a welding project could cause a fire if allowed to
proceed. “With the fire restrictions and severe drought in the forest right now,
even though it’s an approved project by the Lincoln National Forest, the
Sheriff’s Office felt that there is too great a risk for there to be welding and
cutting material in the forest,” House said. “The Sheriff’s Office was
monitoring the area. We found it was being done through a private contractor.
They were working in an area that’s covered by the fire restrictions. We shut
the contractor down and gave them a verbal warning to cease operations until the
fire restrictions are lifted.” 

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