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Welding Resources – Protect Your Mitts with Welding Gloves

Welding Resources – Protect Your Mitts with Welding Gloves

This is the next installment of a monthly Welding Resources series. In this series, we’ll be covering key topics relevant to welding and welders. Rather than providing one narrative article detailing a specific tip, procedure, or issue, these Welding Resources posts are meant to serve as a consolidated list of the top online resources for the given topic.


Lincoln Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves K2979



This month, we’re continuing our discussion of welding safety and safety gear. The whole body must be protected when welding due to the potentially dangerous nature of the craft, and the hands and arms have special safety needs due to their proximity to the heat of the weld. There are several different ways to protect the hands and arms from the dangers of welding, and each type of welding has its own options. What follows is a roundup of some of the most popular safety gloves and sleeves.

Welding Gloves

For MIG welding, gloves must protect from high heat but still offer a good range of movement. Visit BakersGas.com's leather info page to learn about the different attributes and benefits of various types of leather for MIG welding.

  • Black Stallion MIG welding gloves – Black Stallion's MIG welding gloves are available in cowhide and deerskin.
  • Lincoln MIG welding gloves – Lincoln's cowhide welding gloves are a popular choice.
  • Miller MIG welding gloves – Miller's MIG welding gloves are constructed primarily of cowhide, some with deerskin backs for flexibility.
  • Tillman MIG welding gloves – Tillman's gloves are available in cowhide, pigskin, and deerskin, catering to specific types of welding work.

For TIG welding, gloves that offer the ability to feel the work are often preferred; many TIG welders prefer gloves made of kidskin, which is durable and protective but thin.

  • Black Stallion TIG welding gloves – Black Stallion’s TIG welding gloves are available in kidskin and goatskin.
  • Lincoln TIG welding gloves – Lincoln’s TIG welding gloves are available with kidskin, goatskin, and cowhide.
  • Miller TIG welding gloves – Miller welding gloves come in a variety of leathers, including cowhide, pigsplit, and deersplit.
  • Tillman TIG welding gloves – Tillman’s TIG welding gloves are available in deerskin, pigskin, kidskin, and goatskin.

Stick welding
gloves need to be thick and durable, and they often use the thickest leathers and kevlar threads for heat resistance. Many types of gloves are lined with wool rather than cotton, for further heat protection. Also, some welders will double-purpose MIG welding gloves by using them for stick welding.

  • Black Stallion stick welding gloves – Black Stallion’s stick welding gloves are available in cowhide and elkskin, and some with goatskin backing.
  • Lincoln stick welding gloves – Lincoln’s gloves that are appropriate for stick welding are made with cowhide, some with goatskin as well.
  • Miller stick welding gloves – Miller’s stick welding cloves are available in cowhide with pigskin.
  • Tillman stick welding gloves – Tillman’s best gloves for stick welding are made of elkskin and cowhide.

Welding Sleeves

Welders who use capes or bibs for welding rather than jackets should also consider welding sleeves to protect their arms. Black Stallion and Tillman make popular welding sleeves, and both brands are available at BakersGas.com.



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