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Welding Reading List: Welding Math and Blueprints


Yeah, I know. Summer’s just about up, but let’s enjoy what’s left of it while we can. Wind down this summer and improve your welding knowledge with one stone: The Welding Reading List.This week you’ll learn how to read blueprints and get a grip on the mathematics of welding.

Note: This isn’t a definitive list of welding books. There are many books out there that have not been reviewed that may be 100 times better than any listed here.

Also, these books serve as just a small step towards becoming better in welding. Obviously, to become better in any field you should practice. My best advice is to use the information in these books as references and guiding tools to help you as you weld.

Welding Reading List : Welding Math and Blueprints


Some welders are able to get by without using math all that much, but I don’t know how they do it. Practical Problems in Mathematics: For Welders is specifically written to aide welders. The book explains basic and advanced mathematical operations in a language that is easy to understand. Using real-life welding examples, this book is great reference for any welder.

Price: $65.95

Where to buy: Amazon.com


Now on the 8th edition of the Blueprint Reading Series, authors A.E. Bennett and Louis J Sly continue to bring updated, straight to the point, and detailed information on blueprint reading. Blueprint Reading For Welders covers both AWS and ISO welding symbols along with advanced topics such as:

Assembly Drawings

Auxiliary Views


Welders of all skill levels can put the information in this book to good use.

Price: $75.22

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Are there any welding books on math or blueprints that you would recommend?



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