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Welding Reading List : Welding Encyclopedias and Handbooks


Encyclopedias are packed with information that you may or may not need to to know, but it’s always good to know that information is there and readily available. Welding encyclopedias are just the same in that manner. Read up on the history of welding, learn new and old welding terms, and get a better understanding of the welding field in general from the welding encyclopedia and welding handbook below.

Note: This isn’t a definitive list of welding books. There are many books out there that have not been reviewed that may be 100 times better than any listed here. 


Available only from the American Welding Society (AWS), Jefferson’s Welding Encyclopedia is the ultimate resource for all aspects of welding. This book covers welding history, symbols, terminology and much more. Here’s the official description from the AWS:

No matter what your involvement in the industry, Jefferson’s Welding Encyclopedia puts the world of welding right at your fingertips. A useful tool for any level in the industry, from student to experienced veteran. Its a handy reference for anyone who needs quick access to thorough welding information. Topics are explained, illustrated, and made comprehensible. It also includes a historical look at the welding industry, a handy Buyers Guide, and an exhaustive listing of key industry suppliers.

Though some of the information may be outdated (such as the Buyers Guide and list of industry suppliers), this encyclopedia serves as a great reference for learning and/or refreshing your welding knowledge.

Price: $176.00

Where to buy: American Welding Society



The American Society for Metals (ASM) has continuously proven their dedication to the engineering materials science field through their ASM Handbook series. While any of the handbooks will be a great addition to your welding library, volume six specifically deals with welding and other metal-joining processes. Here’s the Amazon.com description:

Volume 6 is the most comprehensive reference book ever produced on the major joining technologies and their applications to engineered materials. With over 500 illustrations and 400 tables, this book includes practical advice on consumable selection and procedure development, as well as joining fundamentals, processes, assemblies and selection.


Price: $211.20

Where to buy: Amazon.com

The price is steep, but you’ll certainly get what you pay for. If your funds are a little low to invest in this handbook, you can subscribe to ASM and view the complete library of handbooks online. NOTE: It seems membership is limited to academic, corporate, and government agency customers. Call to make sure.

To discuss the subscription options:

Corporate customers contact Don Lensner or phone 440-338-5411

Academic and government agency customers contact Denise Smith or phone 440-338-5409


Have you used any of the encyclopedia’s on our list? Are there some that you would like to recommend?



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