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Welding Reading List: Back to Basics

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Welding books that deal with the basics of the trade are always useful for new welders as well as veterans looking to refresh their memory in a few core welding principles. The books below are written with beginners in mind, so complex issues are covered using the most basic and helpful vocabulary as not to confuse readers.

Note: This isn’t a definitive list of welding books. There are many books out there that have not been reviewed that may be 100 times better than any listed here.

Also, these books serve as just a small step towards becoming better in welding. Obviously to become better in any field you should practice. My best advice is to use the information in the books as references and guiding tools to help you as you weld.

Welding Reading List : Back to Basics 

WELDING (Craft Master)

The book is as simple and to-the-point as the title, but trust that there is no lack of information in this beginner’s text. Mainly aimed at oxyacetylene (gas) welding, Welding is packed with practical tips and steps to accomplishing the perfect weld. Amazon.com describes the book as:

This hands-on guide to welding covers everything a beginner needs to know to work safely and productively with welding equipment. Starting with the basics of setting up a welding outfit and with a focus on oxyacetylene welding, this book discusses new processes, fuels, equipment, supplies and welding techniques in an easy-to-understand format. It even covers safety issues and how to set up your own welding workshop. it also provides welding projects for beginners to try out what they've learned. Its an ideal hands-on learning tool for beginners and an excellent bench reference for experienced welders.

Costing less than a dinner for four, give Welding a try and report on how you like it.

Price: $25.51

Where to buy: Amazon.com


As a series of welding information (now in its 6th edition), Welding: Principles and Applications is an established leader in welding information book. This edition has been updated with the latest information on welding (though published in 2007, the information included is just as relevant for 2010). Complete with clear images and tips/tricks from master welder Larry Jeffus, Welding: Principles and Applications is a handy reference tool for welders of all skill levels. 

Price: $84.51

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Update: The 7th Edition is now available.


Mostly known for his short and to-the-point style in writing, Welding Manual – the brainchild of John Haynes – covers welding topics from history to application. This manual is admittedly meant for for very new welders, that is welders that haven’t even picked up a torch before. Welding Manual is very user friendly and serves as a solid stepping stone to starting a hobby or career in welding. 

Price: $18.21

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Have you read any of the books on our list? Are there some that you would like to recommend?



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