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Welding Projects You Can Donate To Your Community

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Successful, happy communities are founded on the gifts, time and talents of those who live there. Beautiful parks, clean rivers and safe schools don’t just happen, rather they are sustained by the hard work of willing volunteers. Donating your time for the good of your community comes with contentment and satisfaction of knowing that the town you so love is better for your efforts. As a welder, you are uniquely qualified to serve your community as you possess tools and training that most do not.

In case you need a few ideas to get you started, here are 5 simple ways welders can donate their time and skills to their communities.

Parade Float Welding Project

If your church or community organization is planning a summer parade float, your welding skills can be invaluable. The frames and supports of many parade floats start with a welded structures that are tack welded using everything from thin metal tubing to sturdier metal supports depending on the weight the float will have to bear. Take a look below at this parade float created by a Cleveland Ohio welding school.

welding school parade flaot

Gate / Fence Welding Project

Strong, sturdy gates and fences should be not only functional but add to the design of your local schools and parks. If the fences and gates of your community are in need of repair, you can volunteer your welding skills to fix and maintain them. An easy beginner gate can be welded using 1 x 2 angle iron for the frame and wire mesh for the middle of your fence and gate. As you build your skills in fence and gate making, you can move on to more decorative and intricate fencing design.

Patio Arbor Welding Project

Enhance the design of your local park or neighborhood common areas by welding a patio arbor or archway. In the spring or summer your creation can be covered by climbing flowers or vines to add a shady, peaceful space that all can enjoy.

Start with a simple arch or trellis and add in unique features and flair to meet the vision you have for your project. ½ inch rebar and metal tubing make excellent materials for your garden arch which can be easily manipulated into different shapes. Sketch out your project using defined dimensions to ensure that your arch is level and can stand up to wind, weather and rain. Finish with outdoor spray paint for a more finished look.

School Mascot Welding Project

If you enjoy creative or artistic welding, this community service project is for you. Many communities and schools display their school spirit or town pride through customized outdoor sculptures. If you are feeling so inclined, inquire about welding a school mascot or community sculpture out of scrap metal or unique materials. Wrenches, washers, shovel heads, and other metal scraps can be used for this project and will rust and wear over time, adding to the uniqueness of your piece.

Wheelchair Ramp Welding Project

Add handicap access to the buildings and green spaces of your community by welding wheelchair ramps and adding handrails. This project may seem simple at the beginning but requires precision and attention to detail to avoid tripping hazards or injury.

Create a template to ensure you have the perfect angle for your ramp height and create your base by tack welding angle iron in the correct dimensions. Finish with diamond plate or steel mesh and add outdoor weather strips for traction against water and ice.

Welding Supplies for Your Next Project

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