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Welding Projects with Yard Sale Materials

Yard sale season is in full swing, and while you may not be in the market for a used dresser or outdated TV set, yard sales can be an excellent place to find unusual, useful welding supplies. Some of our favorite welding projects are constructed from found materials like silverware, shovel heads and castors. Outside of an architectural salvage lot, yard sales are the best place to hunt down unexpected welding supplies.


In the welding world, horseshoes are a versatile material for countless welding projects. With simple welding skills and horseshoes you can create coat racks, wine racks, garden decorations and more. Old horseshoes have visual interest that can’t be matched by buying them new and you’ll get a way better deal at a yard sale than with your local feed store.

Old Nails and Screws

They don’t make nails and nail heads like they used to, and there’s something about antique nails that elevates any artsy welding project. To buy these online in a pinch would cost a fortune, but by cruising your neighborhood yard sales, you can keep a stash on hand. Consequently, old hardware can be used to sculpt Christmas ornaments, flower bursts and crosses, just to name a few. Furthermore, they’re easy to store and organize in a toolbox drawer or small plastic tote.


Weldings projects that use new materials can be given an undeniable rustic charm by the addition of antique casters. Casters can be used on coffee tables legs, bar carts, side tables and more to add value and visual interest. They don’t necessarily have to roll to be used, but can be used as stationary supports.

Unused Silverware

If you enjoy creating welded sculptures, you already know how useful discarded silverware can be. Spoons, forks and knives can be cut and manipulated into garden decor, coat hooks, pendant lighting and more. It’s never a bad idea so have a small assortment on hand. Consequently, yard sales and thrift stores always have a hearty supply.

Nuts and Washers

If you have a project that calls for eyes, petals or filler, washers and nuts work very well. We’ve seen them used to make mini snowmen, bookends, sculpted bowls, wall art, garden flowers and more. If creative or sculpture welding appeals to you, these materials will prove invaluable.

Metal Springs & Gears

Antique machinery was built to last and the pieces and parts that remain can are valuable and easily used in welding projects. Old springs and gears add a wealth of visual interest to benches, garden art and seasonal decor. When you find yourself inspired to work with old machine parts, it’s easiest to have them already on hand than to hunt them down before starting.

Shovel & Rake Heads

Rake and shovel heads remain long after the wooden handle has rotted away. If you come across some in your yard sale adventures you can likely grab them for a steal. Rake heads can be used to hang jewelry and kitchen tools, adding industrial style and organization to any space. Shovel heads can be bent or left intact to make owls, cows, benches, birds and more.

Wrenches and Tools

Wrenches and old tools are a popular choice in welding word art, bookends and picture frames. In addition, the wear and metal coloring on these old tools defines rustic industrial and can’t be matched with newer materials. Many yard sales have a table of old tools, and if you spot some you can take them home for a couple bucks.

Find Welding Supplies on Sale

Remember, the earlier you hit the yard sales, the better your chances of scoring a great deal on unique welding materials. If you’re in the market for something rustic and rural, try yard sales on the outskirts of town but at the end of the day, remember: you never know what you’ll find at a yard sale, surprises abound.

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Ed Cyzewski


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