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Welding Projects with Word Art

Welding Projects with Word Art

Creative and artistic welding doesn’t have to involve large statues and lawn ornaments but rather can be small and satisfying projects used for gifts and interior design. Word art is extremely popular right now with sign-painting parties popping up in every city. It’s not too hard to paint words on wood but welding words from metal is another skill set, one that you happen to possess.

Welded word art is an easy wedding gift and is welcomed in boutiques, craft shows and online sales. Along these lines, we’ve put together a welding project post to give you some ideas and material sources to get started. Forgive us for not welding these words, that would take forever.

Welding Words from Horseshoes

We’ve said it before and we will surely say it again: horseshoes are a popular and easy welding material. This is no less true when it comes to welding word art, given the simple fact that their natural shape is a vowel ( hint, hint, it’s U). With little work welding two horseshoes together gives you the letter “M” and when turned upside down, you have an obvious lowercase “n.”  

When cut apart and manipulated, horseshoes can be welded together to spell any word you can imagine. Don’t hesitate to add hooks to the bottom of your horseshoe sculptures to give the recipient an easy place to hang coats, bags, and keys.

Word Welding Projects Using Rebar

Rebar is another cheap and easy-to-come-by welding material, and given its uniform size and straight lines, it lends itself well to welding letters. For words and letters using straight lines, simply cut the rebar pieces to size and weld them into place.

To add curve and shape your piece, bend your metal to match the desired size and shape of your overall project. Rebar words can be designed as a standalone piece, attached to wood or created within a metal rebar frame for an easy-to-hang finished piece.

Word Welding Projects Using Nails and Railroad Spikes

Many welders favor using railroad spies or large screws to weld their wordy creations. Using a mix of materials adds a creative and textured finished product and the smaller size of nails, washers and screws lends itself to desktop or bookshelf welding projects. Some welders have even been know to weld a slew of nails, screws and scraps to create one large, piecemeal welding project.

Other Found Materials for Word Welding Project Use

Consider this the miscellaneous category, if you look for it, you’ll start to see letters shapes in already welded items and scraps. For example, a crowbar is a natural “L” or “J” and almost anything can be used for an “I.” Use solid metal scissors to create the bulk of a “K” or use 3 wrenches to create a capital letter “A.” A bicycle chain can also be shaped and tack welded to create any letter of the alphabet. Simply put, don’t be afraid to try something new and mix up your materials.

Monogram Welding Projects

No need to stay small when it comes to welding letters, you can create a one of a kind door hanging or even yard art by welding one large, monogram letter, or several letters to form initials. This can be a lucrative welding project for either home or business use as mastering letter welding can lead to custom signage orders, for shops, restaurants and more.

If you need even more inspiration, here’s a list of popular words and phrase ideas to get you started: Words like love, gather, welcome and hello are all popular in home decor use. As you hone your skills, consider offering customized, welded signs featuring last names, baby names or even wedding dates. This rustic, metal signage is extremely popular right now, making this the ideal time for the hobby welder to capitalize on their abilities.

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