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Welding Projects with Car and Truck Parts

In case you haven’t noticed, recycling found materials is currently a major trend in the world of welding projects. Horseshoe welding projects are everywhere and at this point we are convinced there is nothing you can’t create from unused silverware. Not only is welding with scraps and recycled materials a affordable approach, it’s great for the earth and makes for absolutely unique welding projects and finished products.

Buckle up (pun intended) because this month we are sending you to the auto salvage yard with 5 welding projects which you can create from old, discarded car and truck parts. The best news of all is that every one of these would be a hit at a local boutique or artisan market and could easily become your next welding money maker.

Wheel Rim Fire Pit Welding Project

Fire pits are an ideal welding project for those who are still new to the welding world and recycled wheel rims are an affordable and easy to use project material. Weld two rims together, one on top of the other, ensuring they are sturdily attached. When your weld is secure, use a plasma cutter to create a hole in the side of your new fire pit, in any shape you prefer. To take it a step further, turn it into a BBQ by placing a grill grate on top. This project can be finished at this point or you can add legs and grind down your welds for a smoother, more polished result 

Truck Bed Bench Welding Project

To repurpose an old truck tailgate, try turning it into a one of a kind bench ideal for both indoor and front porch use. Start by creating a frame by welding together 2 inch metal tubing to support the dimensions of your tailgate as the back of your bench. Next, assemble your project using another piece of truck scrap for seating or by adding a wooden element on top of the seating base.

Tire Rim Hose Reel

Tire rims are easy to come by at the salvage yard and useful for a variety of at home welding projects. To create storage and organization for your garden, attach a tire rim to a sturdy metal post and affix it to your home for a sturdy, rustic hose reel. Finish your project with colorful outdoor enamel to protect your reel and add visual interest to your home’s exterior. Attach a couple of hooks in the center so you never lose your gardening tools again.

Truck Coil Bar Stool Welding Project

If you can get your hands on a couple of large, industrial truck springs, use them to make a sharp set of bar stools. Attach a round, metal disc to add seating and be sure to grind the edges to ensure a snag free resting place. If you can master this project you have an instant money maker as interior design pros are always looking for rustic, industrial pieces created by local artists.

License Plate Lawn Art

One of the most character filled and colorful items of auto scrap is found in the license plate. Each one tells a story and holds boundless potential for welding projects. To get started, try using a plasma cutter to cut each plate into the shape of a flower. Next, attach each plate to a fixed point in the center. Finish by attaching a round middle for your flower and affixing it to a piece of rebar or metal tubing for use in your garden. The tricky thing about welding with license plates is being careful not to burn off the paint with your weld, so you may consider a hybrid of epoxy and your angle grinder on the flower petals. 

Ed Cyzewski


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