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Welding Projects: Welding Chairs

I had absolutely no intention of writing a post about welding chairs until I saw this gorgeous "Sunday Chair" on Miller’s website.


Via: Miller

This chair is perfect for kicking back and reading a book on a Sunday afternoon. When you’re finished with the book, you can slip it in the shelf under the seat of the chair.

Miller provides instructions for welding the base. Welding the base is relatively simple, but bending the plywood veneer seems to be rather difficult. (This site provides a long but interesting description of the wood bending process).

Instead of bending wood, consider simply using thick metal sheeting that is covered in wood veneer.

If you’ve got a lot of horseshoes lying around consider making a chair with a horseshoe back like this one that won Miller’s welding competition.


Via: Miller

Finally, build a neat folding chair to carry with you to sporting events, parades or campgrounds. Check out these incredibly detailed plans.


Via: Supplier

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