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Welding Projects to Organize Your Garage or Shop

Welding Projects to Organize Your Garage or Shop

Now that the New Year has arrived, the question on the minds of many is “how to make the most of it?” There is no arguing that you will have a more productive year welding if your supplies are neatly stacked and your tools are at the ready. There is no way to eliminate issues and unexpected surprises in welding, but by setting up your workspace wisely you can streamline your shop and increase your satisfaction and productivity.

With this in mind, we have curated a list of 5 welding project ideas to organize your shop to help you live out the age old adage: “Work smarter, not harder.” So before you head to your welder, check out these ideas and up your organization game in 2017.

Work Table with Storage Welding Project

A welder’s table is an essential part of the shop, but are you using it to it’s fullest potential?  To create storage you can easily access while working, weld bars, cubbies and racks onto your table. This way you can easily grab your clamps, bits and angle grinders, eliminating work stop and streamlining your every project. Use the space underneath your table to store scrap metal, spare tools, safety gear and more. Organization is essential to any welder but using space wisely is a must for the hobby welder without a dedicated workshop.

Rolling Tool or Supply Cart Welding Project

Many welding tables are on castor wheels, allowing for large scale projects and a flexible workspace, but have you considered an additional rolling cart? Centralize your tools around your project, including your welding machines themselves, eliminating the need to lug heavy equipment or run across the shop for a specific tool. Do you find yourself using a lot of C clamps? What about a place for your custom jig? Stop searching your shop and centralize your tools for a better year of welding.

Space Saving Scrap Metal Storage Welding Project

If you’re working in a garage, you know the space near the door track often goes unused. By creating storage racks with angle iron, metal tubing or even 2×4 wood, this unused space can easily become an organized home for your leftover rebar, metal tubing and pipe. Build a bar across your racks as high as needed to keep your materials organized and upright.

Brake Rotor Screwdriver Holder Welding Project

Used rotors are fairly easy to come by and make for savvy screwdriver storage in your shop. Clean up the rotor and cut it neatly in half and then weld it together at a 90° angle, grinding and smoothing down any metal beads. Next, drill holes evenly across your creation large enough to hold your screwdrivers for easy access. Hang it on the wall near your workspace and enjoy your creative storage solution.

Shelving for Sheet Metal Welding Project

Scrap metal storage solutions are essential for organizing your garage or workshop and they are surprisingly easy to create and construct. First off, you need to determine how wide your scraps will be and plan your shelving system accordingly. Weld pre-cut pieces of angle iron together at 90° angles, make sure to grind off and smooth down rough surfaces. Be sure your shelving is sturdy and well supported before sliding it into place and putting it to work for you.

Discounted Welding Machines Supplies

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