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Welding Projects That Can Be Made With The Millermatic 211 / Multimatic 215

Welding Projects That Can Be Made With The Millermatic 211 / Multimatic 215

Each month the pros at Baker’s Gas and Welding put together a list of welding project ideas organized around a certain topic or theme. We’ve written posts about welding for your garden, for home organization or for holiday gifts. While these posts are always popular and provide our readers with a host of good ideas, this week we’re asking: “what are the best welding projects to get me started on MY machine?”

Along these lines, we want to provide a post that would highlight the features of two of our top machines alongside some projects hand-selected to put them to work. Keep reading to learn more about the Miller Millermatic 211 and the Miller Multimatic and the best projects to get you started on each.

3 Welding Projects Perfect For The Millermatic 211

The Miller Millermatic 211 is a lightweight powerhouse coming in at only 38 pounds. If you’re looking for a machine that can go anywhere and handle MIG welding projects with ease, the Millermatic is a fabulous choice. It provides one of the best smooth-start features in the small, MIG welding category and will have you up and running quickly and without spatter.

Steel Workbench Welding Project

Set up your workshop for success by creating a steel workbench to organize scraps and tools as well as provide you with a sturdy workspace. This MIG welding project can be made from 1” steel tube and topped with custom-cut wood for the top and lower rack of your sturdy new workbench.

Welded Dice

This makes a great welding project for students as it allows you many chances to practice welding outside corner joints. Weld your dice using ⅛ steel plates and use a piece of scrap angle iron to support your corners while you tack weld them. Be sure to drill the holes for your dice numbers before attaching your last piece of metal to avoid blowout and gas buildup as you finish.

Steel Fire Pit Welding Project

Fire pits are a classic beginner welding project and an easy design starts with welding a cube from 1” steel tubing. Finish your project by attaching a mesh grate to the sides of your firepit to keep wood and ash safely inside.

3 Welding Projects To Show Off Your Miller Multimatic 215

The Miller Multimatic 215 has multiprocess capabilities which allow for MIG, flux-cored, DC TIG and DC stick welding. The inverter technology of this machine makes the arc extremely forgiving to variations and the Miller True Blue Warranty gives you peace of mind that you’ve got a product that will work for you.

Hammer Welding Projects

Create a hammer for your workshop with this low cost welding project. Start by attaching your hammer head to your handle and TIG weld silicon bronze on each for a malleable hitting surface that won’t damage machinery. The handle of the hammer is a great opportunity to practice decorative welding techniques to add style and grip.

TIG Welded Metal Sculptures

One of the best things about TIG welding is that it gives you the ability to weld a variety of metals and even mix metals in your welds. This allows you to get artistic with your welding projects and create functional, beautiful pieces to enhance your garden, your home or to sell at local artisan markets.

TIG Welding Roses

As you continue to hone your fabrication skills, you can move into more complicated projects, both to practice your welds and to create unique pieces such as welded roses. You’ll need a plasma cutter to cut out the petals and move around the center of your rose as you shape and attach them. Scrap spoons make for great leaves along each side of your stem.

Check Out These Machines and More at Baker’s Gas and Welding

Both of these machines are available today and ship free at Baker’s Gas and Welding. We’re currently offering rebates up to $700 during our “Build with Blue” promotion, this applies to select Miller machines including the Millermatic 211. On top of these spectacular savings, each purchase of a new Miller machine earns a free Yeti mug or Welding Helmet (at time of writing.)

We pride ourselves in selling long-lasting equipment that will support and advance the trade of welding. Our team would love to see what MIG and TIG projects you come up with, so click on over to our Facebook page to show off your work and join the conversation.


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