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Welding Projects: How to Weld a Table

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You can use welding tables to weld on or to perform other projects around the home. Place the welded table in your garage, workroom, shed or garden. Creating a basic welding table is a great project for beginners as it can provide a base for more work.

Welding tables should be strong enough to hold the weight of your welding machines and tools. It should also be large enough to accommodate your work.

Welding a table on your own rather than purchasing one will allow you to customize the height. This is especially important if you are abnormally tall or short and do not want the table to fit you without stooping or needing to stand on a lift.

Find a step-by-step tutorial for this table on the Miller website. This version of the table will take at least 12 hours for an intermediate welder to complete, but it should handle at least 1,000 lbs. Welders should use a MIG or a Plasma welding machine.

This table will be very heavy and will be a permanent fixture in your work area.

Once you’ve made a permanent workbench, make a portable welding table.

This table is much lighter, and cannot handle as much weight. This table is perfect for those with a small garage or workspace. This table is easier for beginners to create and should only take four to five hours to complete. Use a MIG or Plasma welding machine.

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