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Welding Projects for the Rebel or Multimatic Multiprocess Welders

Welding Projects for the Rebel or Multimatic Multiprocess Welders

Baker’s Gas and Welding has the best prices and bundles of welding supplies available on multiprocess welders, including the bestselling Miller Multimatic multiprocess welder and the ESAB Rebel multiprocess welder lines. Both welders come with the option of buying a discounted Baker’s Bundle kit that gives you all of the supplies you need to get started right out of the box and give you the ability to make professional welds with MIG, TIG, or stick welding processes. 

Before we get into the details of the bestselling multiprocess welder available from ESAB and Miller at Baker’s, here is a roundup of some welding projects you can try out with your multiprocess welder, even switching your process in order to complete the project!

Welding Yard Art with MIG and TIG Welding

This yard art project combines the use of MIG and TIG welding in order to create a dragonfly that also joins dissimilar metals together. Using a multimatic to MIG weld the main steel components together first, you can then braze the copper on using a TIG torch and silicon-bronze rod. 

Welding a Fire Pit with a Multiprocess Welder

Whether welding a simple metal structure for a fire pit or creating a more elaborate fire pit piece, a multiprocess welder can make either project a snap. Stick weld your pit right on site or repair your existing one without worrying about shielding gas, or set up your shop with the metal workpieces you need. 

This MIG welding project uses thin steel plates to make a smaller fire pit. This project uses thin metal so you’ll need to use a lot of spread out tack welds before doing the longer weld beads. It also uses half inch square bars and a metal grate that you can use as a base for the fire wood. 

TIG Weld an Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Tray

Aluminum diamond plate is a sturdy, light, and sharp looking material to use for a tool tray in your shop and offers lots of design options depending on your shelf or tool sizes. This project from Welding Tips and Tricks is easily adapted to each welder’s specifications, and there is plenty of room to add a metal or wooden handle to the tray. 

You can make this TIG welding project part of a larger storage project that uses the stick or MIG welding options to create metal storage shelves

Now that we’ve gone over some welding projects you can try on a multiprocess welder, let’s help you choose which machine is the right one for you… 

The ESAB Rebel 205ic AC/DC Multiprocess Welder 

If you’re interested in getting one of the most versatile machines on the market that offers by AC and DC TIG welding, then the Rebel 205ic is the one you want.

Weighing 49 pounds, the Rebel is a truly portable multiprocess welder that can run off a generator, 120V, or 230V power. With Smart MIG (sMIG) technology, it runs MIG like a dedicated MIG welder and adapts to your tendencies and preferences over time for repeatable welds. You’ll have enough punch for stick welding projects and the precision you need for TIG welding, even AC TIG welding aluminum. 

Save $80 on the Baker’s Bundle that gives you everything you need to get started with the Rebel, delivering a total value of $315 for just $235. The Baker’s Bundle includes MIG wire, electrodes for stick welding, and tungsten for TIG welding. If you want to see our review of the machine watch our YouTube video here. 

Learn more about the ESAB Rebel 205ic now

Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Multiprocess Welder 

Designed to deliver power and portability, the Multimatic weighs 56 pounds and delivers all of the features welders love from a Miller machine, including Auto-set Elite, predefined settings for multiple materials and processes to help you get welding quickly, and the angled wire drive with Quick Select Drive Roll for easy wire feeding and smooth MIG welding projects. 

You won’t sacrifice capability or power with the Multimatic 220. You can use AC/DC TIG for 24 ga. ¼” steel and aluminum, DC stick for 16 ga. ⅜” steel, and weld 24 ga. ⅜” steel. 

You can find everything you need to get started with the Multimatic in the Baker’s Bundle starter pack that delivers all of the consumables, electrodes, wires, and tips you’ll need to get started for a discounted price of $280 (a total value of $340). 

Learn more about the Miller Multimatic 220 now

There are plenty of other multiprocess welder options from Miller (such as the Multimatic 215) and ESAB (the Rebel 235ic and the 215ic), so be sure to check out which machine is right for you. 

Learn more about Multiprocess Welders 

Whether you’re looking for welding supplies for your next project, welding safety gear such as a brand name helmet and top of the line gloves, or a brand new multiprocess welder, Baker’s Gas and Welding offers hundreds of dollars in savings right from the start and then adds on cost saving bundles and rebates

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