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Welding Projects for Small Businesses

The Miller Electric welding project idea gallery has no shortage of inspiration for hobby welders and professional welders who want to use their welding skills in order to create high quality, customized projects. Welding projects don’t have to be limited to home applications. In fact, many small businesses, from car repair shops to fabrication businesses, can benefit from welding project ideas in the Miller gallery.

We sorted through some of the best welding projects in the Miller Electric small business gallery. Some are unique welding projects, while others are fresh takes on common welding projects. Here’s this month’s welding project round up:

Welding Storage Cabinet and Shelving

Whether you have important tools or documents to store, welding your own metal storage cabinet can provide a sturdy and relatively fire resistant storage solution. Heavy tools and supplies will receive significant support in a heavy-duty cabinet like this. If you’re worried about sparks and spatter ruining anything, this cabinet is a great option for your small business workspace.

Keep in mind that a large storage cabinet made out of metal will be quite heavy, so make sure you have a plan to move it into place.

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Grinder Stand Welding Project

Grinding in a small business shop can be difficult if you have extension cords, materials, and fellow employees around. Fabricators need a safe place to grind down metal without putting themselves or anyone else at risk.

The obvious solution is to build your own grinding stand. This can also be a real back saver if leaning over to grind metal all day leaves you in pain. With some simple materials, such as a metal rim from a car, you can assemble your materials for next to nothing and build a highly functional piece of equipment for your welding shop.

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Custom Welding Table

We thought we had shared more that enough welding table project plans on this blog, but then we found this welding table project and had to share it. This welding table has drawers, a moveable vise, and enough table surface that you’ll be able to work on both small and large welding projects. The storage shelf below the table is a particularly nice touch that could be used for materials or smaller welding machines.

This particular table is on the larger side of welding tables, but the basic plans remain roughly the same as any other welding table. You’ll just need more materials and enough ambition to assemble the drawers on your own.

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Storage Rack Welding Project

Most small businesses will need storage areas for large products require protection from water, fork lifts, or the other machines and tools found at a fabrication business. This simple rack is an ideal way to store supplies and materials that need extra protection in your shop.

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Custom Welding Cart Project

This cart was designed by two welders who are over six feet tall and needed a cart that works at their level. They used 1″X1″ X 3/16″ steel tube laid with expanded metal for shelving. In order to make it more efficient when switching their shielding gas for MIG welding, they created a space for two gas bottles. They also added hooks and nozzle holders that make it easy to hang up their torches.

This project is a great example of two welders designing a welding project in order to meet their specific needs. While they had to invest more time in a project like this rather than buying a new table, they were able to meet their specific needs in their workplace.

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Rolling Product Stands Welding Project

This small business needed rolling stands for siding that came off the assembly line. By welding these adjustable stands and adding wheels to the legs, they created a highly functional welding project that saved time and labor in their workplace. While many of this company’s employees never touch a welder on the job, they can benefit from this bit of welding project ingenuity.

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Wall-Mounted Storage Cabinets

If you need some simple, wall-mounted cabinets in your workplace, this welding project uses extra sheet metal in order to create durable and safe cabinets that can be used in a variety of applications.

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