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Welding Projects for Small Businesses

Welding Projects for Small Businesses

The Miller Electric welding project idea gallery has no shortage of inspiration for hobby welders and professional welders who want to use their welding skills in order to create high quality, customized projects. Welding projects don’t have to be limited to home applications. In fact, many small businesses, from car repair shops to fabrication businesses, can benefit from welding project ideas in the Miller gallery.

We sorted through some of the best welding projects in the Miller Electric small business gallery. Some are unique welding projects, while others are fresh takes on common welding projects. Here’s this month’s welding project round up:

Sheet Metal Rack

Sheet metal rack

If you have a lot of spare sheet metal this is a great solution for you. Stop propping sheet metal up against the wall and build a rack to store it all. You could even attach wheel to the bottom to make it more mobile in a shop environment.

Welding Cart

Weld cart project

Obviously you can buy a cart for welding. The issue is nowadays they aren't always available and if they are they can be expensive and costly to get shipped. This would be a time consuming project but very useful. Look at the video below for a tutorial on how to build a cart similar to the one pictured.

 Multi Purpose Table

 Multi purpose table

 If shop space is tight or you just want to keep everything in one place this is a project for you. This is a multi purpose table that utilizes a vise, anvil, and grinder setup. There are a lot of advantages to having something like this and it is easily customizable depending on your equipment and setup. 

If you're looking for more ideas check out the Miller Project Gallery for inspiration. Also, be sure to check out other blog posts from Bakers for information and product ideas. 

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