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It’s back to school season for many families, and for a lot of people it’s not uncommon for the start of a new school year to bring a renewed organizational itch – almost like a second New Year. If you or someone in your home is feeling the urge to 'get organized,' this may be a good opportunity to look at your welding shop with a new vision. Welding is a great skill to use to bring an interesting and personal touch to home organization, by allowing you to create custom, one-of-a-kind solutions that not only help daily life run a little smoother, but bring a sense of personal pride. We’ve assembled some project ideas that you can take to your welding shop, or use these ideas to come up with unique solutions for your own needs. 

TIG Welding a Basic Pencil Holder

Cylinders are widely used for all sorts of storage purposes. In this video, Romanian welder George Sorin of Art Studio Transylvania shows how to use a TIG torch welder to put together a simple pencil holder by welding a metal disc to a piece of piping. His accent is a little thick, but the instructions are clear and the technique is worth picking up.  

TIG torch welding a basic pencil holder

Use the instructions in this video to make a pencil holder for yourself, a friend, or a  young student. Or, expand the technique and use different piping sizes to make a crock to keep kitchen utensils handy by the stove, a one-of-a-kind planter, or an interesting metal bucket or vase for the flower enthusiast in your life. 

TIG Welding a Carrying Tray

A good carrying tray can have countless uses, and trays of all sizes are endlessly versatile in many homes for collecting odd objects, keeping tools contained, or moving items from one area to another. Learn to weld a carrying tray in this video from Jody Collier of WeldMonger Enterprises. 

Aluminum TIG Welding Project – Tote Tray

Jody intends to use the tray to house tools and materials in his welding shop, but you can make a tray that would fit in your home just as easily. Change the dimensions to make a catch-all for all those odd items and loose change on your night stand, a permanent place to drop incoming mail or keys, or a sturdy caddy for gardening and yardwork tools. Consider using salvaged or rustic metal, attaching rope or decorative handles, or adding your favorite ornamental elements to make it yours.

Other Welding Ideas for Home Organization

Welding is such a versatile and useful skill that there really is no limit to what you can do to improve the function of your home. Previous posts on WeldMyWorld.com shared how to make a plant stand, storage shelves, bookends, and a fireplace caddy. Here are just a few more ideas to get your creativity going:

  • Coat hanger for the entryway by welding horseshoes together
  • Silverware caddy for dining alfresco
  • Pot rack to keep cookware stored within reach
  • Metal basket to hold spare towels or rolls of toilet paper on the back of the toilet seat
  • Low-profile storage cube or container for toys
  • Heavy-duty metal tray to keep mud- or rock salt-covered boots from ruining flooring or shoe shelves/baskets (and if kept indoors, consider attaching felt to the bottom or setting it on an old towel to keep the metal from scratching the floor)

Click on the Welding Projects link on the right to be taken to our extensive archive of useful welding projects. And if one of these projects requires some new supplies or a new piece of equipment, be sure to visit Baker's Gas to find what you need. 


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