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Welding Projects for Hobby Welders


Whether you find yourself to be a beginning welder or what some would consider to be an old timer, there are plenty of projects to perform, and occasionally welding simply doesn’t need to be about work. Yes, the entire purpose of welding is to make repairs or even build large structures, but as a hobby you might try a few of the following projects:

Children’s Playsets

Normally these are purchased in full at a home improvement store, but there is no reason you cannot build it yourself. It should be noted that the metal of choice for this type of project is wrought iron, and the project will mainly consist of a metal platform. The construction of the platform can be carried out in a number of different ways, one of which might be an actual metal foot platform at the top, though there is a way to cut cost here.

Rather than refining a metal sheet which would be permanent, heavy, and somewhat hazardous at times, there are several individuals who would much rather opt to create a convention for slatted boards. This creates a more temporary floor arrangement, allowing for a quick replacement in the event it is ever needed. The other materials can be obtained through hardware stores, one such material being the plastic slide, and another being the canopy top. This may be a more expensive route to take, but by using your welding skills to create such a structure you will develop something that will last for a number of years rather than the few months you would attain from a store bought play set.

Tips for Welding Assembly: http://www.arc-welding-and-beyond.com/welding-assembly.html
Free Plans for Playground Structures: http://www.craftsmanspace.com/free-projects/kids-playground-structures.html


This one seems rather obvious, but the creation of a wrought iron fence can actually add to a yard whether you are fencing in the children’s play yard or simply trying to create a new aesthetic for your front yard. The building process is relatively simple so long as you space the bars properly before welding them, and of course make sure you are using decent materials.


As we said before, the primary use for welding is the repair of certain items, and you will of course want to make sure the project you select is actually receptive to welding. There are certain metals that do not weld properly, one of which is cast iron. The biggest problem with cast iron is the fact that it is composed of a number of different minerals, and while it will weld properly in some cases, in other cases it will refuse to hold, or it will not be aesthetically pleasing.

There are plenty of other projects that you might take into consideration when welding, and many try creating garden archways, and others might try more complicated projects such as modern art. No matter what you choose, you can be certain that with the right welds and the right metal, you are creating an object that will be functional (if necessary) and one that will stand the test of time.

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