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Welding Projects: Build a Backyard Fire Pit!

Fire pit

In this episode of Sparks Will Fly!!! Tom Gabriel explains how to create a backyard fire pit that’s perfect for barbequing this summer! Before we set our eyes on this fiery project, check out the list of items that Tom used to create his modern day, caveman delight.

Most of the items are scrap and junk pieces that Tom saved up just for projects like this.

  • Cut off top to a tank – used as the body of the fire pit
  • Pipe ring – used as the base of the unit
  • Spindle and rim (taken from an old lawn mower) – used for the “spin feature” of the fire pit
  • Sprocket locks
  • Foot Pedal

Karen, Tom’s wife, takes us through the process of how Tom turned junk into a crafty summer feature. Enjoy!


Sparks Will Fly!!! by Tom and Karen – How to build a backyard fire pit


What welding projects have you worked on this summer? Share your project ideas, tips, and thoughts with us below!



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