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Welding Projects Books for Hobby Welders

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A good welding projects books is tricky to find. There are several welding project books out there that are not as helpful as they claim. First off, when I look for welding information, the first place I look is to manufacturers. Manufacturer’s websites are a reliable source of welding information. They know what they are talking about. When you go to other places, be careful about what you buy. While I was searching for welding project books online I found reading the customer comments and reviews on Amazon.com to be helpful. Don’t forget that Bakers sells a variety of high-quality welding books, guides, and references—published by the manufacturers themselves. Click here to view their selection.

Arc Welded Projects Volume II by: Lincoln

Lincoln Arc welding books 


  • A collection of entries submitted to the Foundation’s High School Award Program.
  • This book is divided into 4 sections with projects describing procedures and a bill of material for each.
  • The sections are: Agricultural, 24 projects; Home and Recreational, 28 projects; Shop Tools, 44 projects; and Trailers, 16 projects.
  • Typical projects are: hydraulic wood splitter, scraper grader, wood stove, pontoon boat, engine hoist, band saw, pipe bending machine, 2 horse trailer, and flatbed trailer.
  • Written in a simple and easy to understand style. 112 projects covering 272 pages.

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Arc Welded Projects Volume III by: Lincoln

arc weld 3


An 8-1/2″” x 11″” paperback book of 170 pages of projects submitted in various Award Programs sponsored by The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation.

This publication consists of three sections:

  • Section A – 22 projects relating to Agricultural Equipment
  • Section B – describes many interesting Home & Recreational projects
  • Section C – covers Shop Tools and Equipment
  • The 20 entries described range from a tire beadbreaker to the design and fabrication of a portable welding rig

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Arc Welded Projects Volume IV by: Lincoln

arc weld IV Lincoln


The projects described in this 200 page book represent the range of entries submitted in the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation Award Programs both as to the type and size of the project, and the nature of the descriptive information included.

The topics are as follows:

  • Agriculture (16 Projects)
  • Trailers (11 Projects)
  • Shop Projects (16 Projects)
  • Home & Recreation (14 Projects)
  • Miscellaneous (5 Projects)

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Welding Projects by: James A. Ruck

 weld book James Ruck


The ideal companion volume for any Goodheart-Willcox welding text,Welding Projects is a collection of 69 practical projects that will stimulate students interest while helping them develop and practice important welding skills. Projects range in complexity from a simple set of push-up bars to a folding miter saw table to a hydraulic auto engine lift. Each project consists of scaled drawings and a complete materials list. In addition to the projects, the book also contains a section on welding safety, a guide to material identification, a page showing all welding symbols used in the project drawings, and information on painting and simple upholstery as finishing touches for the projects.

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Practical Welding Projects: 24 Innovative Metal-work Projects for Hobby Welders by Karen Ruth

Practical weld Karen

Description: Sorry, there is no detailed description available for this book. Note that the other books by this author have 4.5 and 5 star reviews on Amazon.com.

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