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Welding Project Plans: Baseball Backstop

The air may still have a chill and some may still have snow on the
ground outside their homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for
baseball season. And if there’s one thing that can bust a window or dent the
siding, it’s a hardball. That’s where this welding project can come to the

Posted as an award-winning welding project at the Lincoln
Electric Canada site
, this pitching
is a great welding project and a very practical tool for any aspiring
baseball player. It’s large and sturdy enough to handle.

Welding Project Plans

The pitching
screen plans
available at Lincoln’s Canada site are quite detailed and
helpful. In fact, you can just download it, print it out, and get to work in no
time. However, if you’re going to tackle a project like this, you’re going to
need the right welder for the job. Here are some welders that you could consider
using in order to handle a project like this:

Thermal Arc Fabricator
: This 3 in 1 welder is a great machine to use on a welding project
because of the versatility it gives you. While you could just stick weld
something like this baseball backstop, it’s nice to know that you can use
whichever welding process feels most comfortable and appropriate for the task at
hand. You may end up just MIG welding the whole thing, and in that case, you
could look into using one of Baker’s other best selling welding machines.

Millermatic 211 All in One
MIG Welder
: This best selling welder is easy to set up and provides smooth
starts when you set up to weld. You won’t have any limitations to what you can
weld with the 211, making it a versatile machine for projects of all sizes
because it packs in so much power.

With the right welding project plans and the right welding machine, you’ll be
able to strike your arc and get to welding in no time.

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