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Welding Jobs for August 2014

Welding Jobs for August 2014

The United Auto Workers union connected to Ford will be offering welding training to veterans in need of work in the Detroit area. The latest welding course offered by the Union will have eight participants.

The program has been extended to welders nationwide and will include housing, per-diem for food expenses, and even a vehicle that can be used for attending classes. Those who complete the program will be offered a chance to be certified by the American Welding Society and will also receive help with job placement. Potential jobs could include fabrication, construction, or repair work.

If you’re not a veteran or you’re not interested in traveling to Detroit, there remain plenty of welding jobs and welding opportunities around the country.

Ohio Remains Manufacturing and Fabrication Hub

From Columbus to Cincinnati, manufacturing remains a main source of welding work. TIG and MIG welders will find journeyman and fabrication positions as well as work-for-hire arrangements. Welders can find work in both factories and in smaller shops.

If Ohio isn’t where you’d like to work, check out similar opportunities in Wisconsin which continues to have a strong manufacturing sector. Industry analysts continue to predict job openings in the coming years throughout Wisconsin as older workforce members plan to retire in the next five to six years.

How do you get one of these high-quality manufacturing jobs? Besides passing a drug test, some industry experience for new welders will help if you’re able to land an entry-level job after taking welding classes. In addition, be prepared to work overtime when needed and stay out of trouble.

Welding Opportunities in Pennsylvania

Between the natural gas boom in western Pennsylvania and the ongoing need for fabrication workers, don’t overlook the job opportunities in welding that include parts runners and other entry-level positions. However, if you’re interested in teaching welding, you can find work as an instructor as well. From Pennsylvania to Michigan, there are welding instruction positions opening up as more schools add welding programs or as employers add on-site training.

Don’t Overlook Welding Work in Colorado

If you want to move to a location with all four seasons (sometimes all within a week!), consider looking for welding work out in Colorado. Welding positions include production work and pipeline assembly, with jobs ranging from entry-level positions to work that requires more experience in a factory setting.

If Colorado is too far from the ocean, don’t worry. There are plenty of other welding jobs throughout California. TIG welders and welders with experience doing precision work will be able to find work in the technology sector, especially with medical engineering companies. If you can follow a blueprint and have a particularly strong attention to detail, you can find great welding jobs throughout the west.

Plenty of Welding Jobs in Louisiana for Foreseeable Future

If you want a reliable location for welding work, look no further than Louisiana. Welding work continues to be major source of work along the coast, and several companies that rely heavily on welders plan to expand in the near future.

Praxair is one company helping with this expansion, having just received a $300,000 grant to expand its training program. As new plants will be constructed in the near future, there will be a need for at least 100 new welders, and its training program will play a significant role in filling that need for welders.

Welding Work in Florida

Besides Louisiana, Florida is another ideal location for welders to find work, with a wide variety of structural jobs and shipbuilding positions. Structural welders will need to be familiar with stick welding and be willing to work at odd hours, as you can’t always predict when a building structure needs work or when a project will be urgent enough to require a welder on the site.

If Florida isn’t your speed, you can find warm weather, low taxes, and an abundance of welding jobs in Texas. Whether you’re working on structures, pipelines, or products in factories, Texas remains one of the most promising states for welding work throughout America.

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